Episode Special: God’s Gift 14 Days Later


Okay, so I watched the special episode, just to see if there is any clues on whether Dong Chan died or not – and no I still don’t know, but from that picture above, it seems like he’s alive right?

I don’t remember Saet Byul and Dong Chan going on a trip anywhere – so this scene might be a clue that he is alive, and probably telling Saet Byul a story.

The special episode is basically what every other drama special includes behind the scenes, and etc. There was also some scenes of the baddies being handcuffed away (which I don’t think they showed in the last episode).

It still didn’t state clearly whether he died or not, and what happened to Han Ji Hoon, but I guess we can just conclude Dong Chan didn’t die (ugh. let’s not even care about the splash.) He probably survive and is living happily with Saet Byul and Ahjumma in that house above. The End.

Hey, it helps that the title of the special episode is 14 Days Later…right 🙂 ?

*English subs are out there already so go look for it. And, yes, now I’m on the boat which says he’s alive.

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6 thoughts on “Episode Special: God’s Gift 14 Days Later

  1. if you read listen to the plot of that story, the knight scares the grim reaper away but pulling his eyes out etc, etc.) and Saet byul is asking what happened to the knight. Logically, the knight would have no reason to die because there is no one to kill him. therefore dong chan lives.

    1. Ahahaha! I didn’t understand parts of what he said bcoz I watched it w/out the subs, but that’s great news. It should have been part of the last episode though. Ahahaha.

      1. dont believe too much of what i said though!! i could be wrong…. but for the sake of me im going to believe he lived….lol

  2. I will believe ANY story that includes Dong Chan living at the end. I would accept insertion of My Pretty Pony characters in the plot if it meant that Dong Chan lived!

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