LeeJIN Updates: What’s to come~

Hey everyone 🙂 It’s been a busy week, and YESH! Finally I’ll be on leave from work for the weekends, monday & tuesday 🙂 That’s 4 days for me to catch up on what I’ve missed and do a discussion on them.

First of all, there are so many new dramas which just aired, and I had time to only watched a few as of now, but I will watch the rest during the weekends.

I’m enjoying A New Leaf – a discussion would be out for this during the weekends, and I realized I never wrote about Gap Dong?! How could I not have written about it? AHAHAHA. I’m enjoying Gap Dong every week~ a discussion would be out during the weekends as well.

I just watched the first episode of Triangle yesterday, will follow up with the second episode tonight. I will also start on Big Man, Dr Stranger & You’re all Surrounded during the weekends, and hopefully discussion posts would be out before my work leave ends 🙂

I’ll be really busy in May – not just because of all these dramas which just aired, but because exo is having their comeback and yeah-there’s just too many things going on. But of course, dramas are always my priority 🙂

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