POV DISCUSSION: Gap Dong Episode 1 – 6


I’ve been watching Gap Dong since it aired some time back, but realized I never really wrote anything about it. So here I am 🙂

I like it a lot, but not really in love with it. It’s hard to describe, but Gap Dong is indeed fun to watch and interesting. I enjoy watching it – and there isn’t much stuff that doesn’t go well with me. The characters are fun to watch, and the story plot is kind of interesting?

I’m not sure if the plot is considered interesting, because honestly the plot is just about them trying to find out who is the original Gap Dong and the copy-cat Gap Dong. There isn’t exactly anything extra – besides knowing that Oh Maria is the sole survivor of the previous Gap Dong victims, and Ha Moo Yum’s dad is probably innocent.

So I think that the main pull factor of this drama has to either be from the characters or the mystery and suspense.


Like I mentioned earlier, I like the drama but I’m not in love with it. This is probably because it lacks the mystery that I care for. I don’t really care who the original Gap Dong is – and I already know who is the copycat Gap Dong. Maybe it’s because the drama gives off a vibe that ‘good guys will always win’ – so I kind of expect them to catch both Gap Dongs so it doesn’t really matter now who is the original Gap Dong.

Unlike GG14D which was filled with a lot of question marks and suspense, and uncertainty of what will happen – Gap Dong is rather easy to watch. It doesn’t make you pull your hair in suspense you know? Obviously, I prefer the mystery and suspense in GG14D better – but let’s not talk about the ending.

Anyway, it’s still a good watch – something different from all of the recent new dramas has either something to do with romance or melo, or revenge stuff.

As for the characters – I find them interesting enough and fun to watch. It’s cute seeing Ma Ji Wool sticking to Ha Mo Yum because she has a crush on him. I’m a big fan of Kim Ji Won actually and I always like her roles, yes even bitchy roles.

Yang Chul Gon comes across as annoying at first because he keeps insulting Ha Moo Yum and I really hated it. HAHAHA. However, why is he so hung up on Gap Dong?! Because he never caught him? Or was there some other reason – because he seriously needs anger management classes. (I’m saying his character is fun to watch, despite these comments)

Okay – Ryu Tae Oh, the copycat Gap Dong is what pulls me in. Honestly, all other characters out there is all characters we’ve seen before in crime dramas. What makes a good crime drama, is a good villain.

I like Ryu Tae Oh’s character, and I find him the most interesting out of the whole bunch – but I have to admit, Lee Joon’s acting comes across as awkward at times, but he’s doing well 🙂

It’s a difficult character, and I think it’s hard for Lee Joon to portray the character at times, but at other parts he convinces me he is a psycho and I wonder if he really is one in reality (kidding~ hahaha).

Okay – That’s about it. There isn’t really that much to say about it – it’s pretty decent to watch, nothing to rave about, but nothing to hate about as well.


Let’s put aside all of those, and right now – what I’m hoping for is for more murders! Hahahahaha. That’s part of the fun in a crime drama, right?! And it would be interesting if Ma Ji Wool is Ryu Tae Oh’s victim. Everyone is focusing on Oh Maria, but wouldn’t it be more fun if it was Ma Ji Wool? And……if Ma Ji Wool dies, it gives more angst to Ha Moo Yum to hunt Gap Dong down.

But killing off Ma Ji Wool…….is a bit sad though, I don’t think drama would pull that on us.

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