POV DISCUSSION: A New Leaf Episode 1 – 6 (Review)

Alright! Finally I manage to get this post out! AHAHAHA. I’ve been waiting to write about it since the first episode, but I was so busy and there was hardly any time to write.

There are not going to be any screencaps, or recaps for the past 6 episodes because I really don’t have the time to do it. I’m trying to resume all my currently watching dramas, and there is a lot of catching up to do, since I didn’t watch anything for the past week.

Okay – I LOVE THIS DRAMA. It’s one of my favorite among the currently airing drama, and I’m a big fan of Kim Myung Min, so I’m practically sold.

This review was written in a rush – so I might not be able to express all of my thoughts. However, after watching episode 7 & 8, I’ll probably do another detailed discussion 🙂


Okay – basically the drama revolves around Kim Seok Joo, a top lawyer who does everything to win the cases he takes on. He’s smart and highly-sought after, but he loses his memory in an accident and he starts to question his real identity.

The first two episodes, we get to see for ourselves how nasty he could be, and how justice doesn’t exists.

After his accident, which most likely is not an accident but rather an attack (but we don’t know yet), he lost his memory but he accepts everything in a calm manner. It’s strange, but believable given that he is intelligent to begin with. I mean – technically if someone loses their memory, it would be difficult to try to be normal because everything seems unfamiliar.

However, in Seok Joo’s case, he accepts everything – and he didn’t lose his knowledge along with his memory. However, there is one thing he is unaware of, which is how he lived before the accident.

He probably had no idea, how nasty he was and how he did things for money, for the lawfirm – and as he slowly discovers all these one by one, he’s starting to be afraid of finding out of who he really was.

It’s amazing, and nice seeing this arc of his character – and Kim Myung Min always nails his character.

Park Min Young is doing a pretty good job as Lee Ji Yoon. She isn’t my favorite actress around, but I think her character in this drama gives her a little bit of advantage.

She isn’t the good girl who screams justice. I mean- she is, but her character has color. It’s not boring, and it’s slightly different from other female characters in other dramas. I especially like the way when she gets excited in front of Jeon Ji Won – it’s totally funny and hilarious. To me, that is.

Anyway, I can’t wait till Seok Joo finally moves over to uphold justice, a complete opposite from who he was before. And I’m pretty sure along the way, we get to see more conspiracy, and who was the one behind Seok Joo’s accident, if there is someone.

This post is kind of written in a rush – so I might not be able to express all of my thoughts – but once I watch 7 & 8, maybe another post would be up with more discussions 🙂

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