May 31st: LeeJIN’s Current Drama Ranking

1 – A New Leaf
2 – Golden Cross
3 – You’re all Surrounded
4 – Big Man
5 – Dr. Stranger
6 – Triangle
7 – Gap Dong

I haven’t been catching up on Triangle & Gap Dong yet – and I’ve official dropped both Angel Eyes & Hotel King.

13 thoughts on “May 31st: LeeJIN’s Current Drama Ranking

  1. Welcome back!! You have probably already seen this, but I thought it would be an appropriate Welcome back present–

  2. I dropped Angel Eyes, too! After episode 12 ^^
    I like the main leads but the plot is just too slow, repetitive and annoying!

  3. Unrelated question. There is a rumor on twitter that they are going to do a second season of Let’s Eat. Have you heard anything?

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