Drama Slump :(

I don’t know about others, but I’ve having a drama-watching slump right now, which roughly means that most of the dramas doesn’t excite me anymore, which also means that I have no mood to write anything about them.

The problem doesn’t solely lies with the dramas, but rather me, as a viewer. I started watching dramas, a long way back, since I was not even 12 yet. I’m pretty sure, all of you too. My drama-watching pattern increased as I grow older and for the past 8 years or more, I’ve watched from Taiwan idol dramas, to China Wuxia/Historical dramas, Japanese dramas, and of course Korean dramas.

As you watch a lot of dramas, you would realize that your expectations would keep on growing, and those dramas you once loved when you first started will seem mediocre if you think about it now. So, a normal average drama is not even enjoyable anymore. I miss those times when I first started, because those were the times I just watched without nitpicking about characters arc, or plot, or pace, or everything else.

Sadly, all the currently airing dramas right now are average to me. They’re not bad, just….they don’t excite me.

I’m just patiently waiting for the upcoming new dramas, and hopefully, they end my drama-watching slump.

And…..it was just a random thought….but WHEN IS VAMPIRE PROSECUTOR SEASON 3 ever going to be out?! I suddenly miss it so much >.< and can we have more dramas like One Warm Word? Okay – I just want good dramas.

If anyone has any dramas you’re watching right now, which screams ‘AWESOME’, let me know, and I’ll give it a try ๐Ÿ™‚ Not those dramas I’ve dropped though (Hotel King, Angel Eyes, Dr Stranger), and I welcome non-Korean dramas. It can be a Taiwan Idol drama, China Wuxia/Historical drama, or a Japanese drama.


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15 thoughts on “Drama Slump :(

  1. I feel the same, but I’m not sure if I watched too many dramas and now I’m slowly getting impatient while watching or just that I’ve become picky.

    I can recommend you the Taiwanese idol drama (currently airing): Rock’n’road – the writing is pretty good and as a bonus it has good music. I personally like the Japanese drama MOZU but it depends a lot on your taste in dramas and if you are in for a 2 season drama with lots of mystery and great directing style.

    I’m also currently watching the Taiwanese drama “Lovestore at the Corner” but don’t know if I should recommend this drama since I’m not sure if I 100% like it – however it’s definitely something new in terms of plot.

    1. MOZU looks like it’s good ๐Ÿ™‚ THANKSSSS! I’ll probably try it out and Rock n Road as well~!!!

    2. I’m also watching Rock n Road. While I’m enjoying it, it’s not one I’m passionately looking forward to. The show I’m most invested in right now is The Taiwanese drama Fabulous 30. It ended a couple weeks ago, but the eps are only subbed through about ep 38. It is one of the only shows I have gone through and watched a lot of without the subtitles, and then go back to rewatching once the subs are done ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the characters a lot and there are some interesting plots. If you can handle committing to a 76 ep show I would strongly recommend it.

      1. 76 episodes. wow. AHAHAHA. But I might just try it out, because Danson Tang is in it. AHAHAHA. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It’s crazy how many dramas I’ve been dropping lately. The only current one that’s got me holding on is Golden Cross–it’s really suspenseful and doesn’t have the romantic clichรฉs of most dramas.

    1. Yup, I’ve dropped a lot too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and ahahah, Golden Cross is still one of those I’m watching ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’m dropping a lot drama b/c I got behind when I was moving cross country and there are very few I have wanted to put in the time and effort to catch up. I’m still watching You’re All Surrounded, but it they hadn’t gone down to only an episode a week the last two weeks I don’t know if I would have kept it up.

  4. Oh i agree to this, after my love from another star I haven’t watched a single drama… i just get the feeling like no other drama will ever match that one and that is what is stopping me from moving to new ones, but i keep hearing good reviews on You’e all surrounded.. is it good? i don’t know but it seems like its going to take me a while getting into a new drama…

  5. I just finished season one of God’s Quiz which I started because everyone seemed so excited about season four coming out. I watched all ten eps over a weekend even though I had grant deadlines. I did not sleep very much. It is like the American show House, except the people are already dead and the doctors are all really nice. I have also been trying to watch Border with Oguri Shun, but it is difficult to fine subs for it. I really like that show a lot, and think you will,too if youlike Vampire Porsecutor or try Special Affairs Team Ten (season one). I want to like a romnatic comedy, but I have disappointed lately. I want something light and flffy and not too tense. I’ll take suggestions for that as well.

    1. I watched Special Affairs Team Ten, both seasons. Lol. I’ve been hearing good stuff from God’s Quiz too, but a little hesitant to watch it. Border sounds good – the subs are avail if you are download the videos, I’m not sure if you’re streaming them.

      I don’t think there’s any good rom-com currently, but we can try High School King of Savvy! It looks fun, I’m going to watch it tomorrow. Hahahaha.

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