POV DISCUSSION: Golden Cross Last Review

I’ve finished watching Golden Cross, and everybody put your hands together for the drama which has a crappier ending compared to God’s Gift 14 Days.

What is happening to the dramas, seriously?! I can’t even describe the amount of disappointment from all these ridiculous and stupid endings. I’m so pissed, I hate this drama for messing it up for me. If you guys are not watching this, DON’T WATCH IT. It might be good along the way, but I swear the ending is crap. Okay, maybe to me, at least.

I don’t know what happened to the story halfway. He was shot and buried alive, came back with a new identity to get revenge, got shot again – but somehow managed to put everyone behind bars. But after the credits, we see Dong Ha being released from prison and making a phone call. YEAH. THE END. WOW DRAMA, WOW.


I don’t know. The drama just stopped making sense for the last 4 episodes, and URGH I’M SO IRRITATED.

SUCH A TOTAL WASTE. It was pretty alright, but I don’t know what happen, seriously.

If the writer is trying to prove a point that it’s not easy to put the powerful behind bars, then I don’t even know why I stayed 20 episodes for a murderer to walk away free, when the male lead ‘died’ so many times over. It’s practically saying, the powerful can get away with anything, even murder. Thanks drama, for sending a strong message.


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2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Golden Cross Last Review

  1. I really liked the ending. True, it went off the rails with the whole returned from the dead and trying to be a lookalike who is not really Do Yun. But the relationships felt real. IT all felt real at the end. He couldn’t very well go off with Yi Re because her loyalty to her father was solid. Besides her dad killed his dad and sister. He had worked with Yi Re for a while before the murder but he wasn’t in love with her. Whatever relationship he had with her lasted for a short time. He was saved from the grave and made rich by So Ra. Three years is a long time. Perhaps they should have shown how he got so incredibly powerful and rich and given us an episode of Terry in the US. And as for Daddy Seo getting out..that’s normal. Most rich folks who are arrested end up leaving prison and getting rich powerful jobs in media, government, etc. The public forgets and even forgives. So it felt very realistic to me. The male lead dying so many times did get to me. And the coincidences and folks arriving in the nick of time in places where they should never have been….yeah that was all a bit much. But on the whole, the ending felt right to me.

    1. I wasn’t that bothered about them not ending up together, but the ending is just out of place. If it was aiming to be realistic, it should have been like that from the start. I just felt cheated. And yeah, they should have showed how he actually became Terry & grow feelings with Sa Ra. But glad to hear you liked it though.

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