The Ups & Down of Golden Cross

Okay, I’ve calmed down regarding Golden Cross ending, so I decide to write up one more post about what I liked about the drama, and what I didn’t. It wasn’t a bad drama, overall, a few misses with me, but it wasn’t bad. The ending kind of flipped me, but….that’s subjective, and quite a number of people liked it though.

Let’s talk about what I didn’t like first.

At first, I didn’t like the fact that the leads started off as friends, or rather senior-hoobae relationship. It was kind of disappointing, because I wanted to actually see them actually meeting and falling in love. I didn’t like the first episode, because it had too many things going on and found it boring and messy. I didn’t like Seo Dong Ha initially because his character seemed so whiny and childish at times.

I didn’t like the last few episodes, because it stopped making sense with me. The reporter turned his back on them, and turned into an ass, Do Yoon suddenly becomes rich after being shot and going overseas, and he got shot again, but didn’t die – Sa Ra died. Michael Jang was knocked out quite easily.

And of course, how Seo Dong Ha eventually walked away a free man.

Okay – it wasn’t all that bad. Some of those I stated are just initial impressions and opinions.

After finishing off the whole drama, I understand why they started off as senior-hoobae relationship. I would say the drama doesn’t revolves around lovelines, so it’s not an ideal show you would pick up for angsty lovelines. In fact, the loveline hardly exist.

I’m actually kind of okay that there are no loveline, but it kind of pissed me off that all of a sudden, he and Sa Ra have a thing going on. Not that I mind, but I NEED SCENES TO CONNECT TO THAT. They should have showed a little bit.

I kind of wonder though, whether live-shooting had sort of made the whole last few episodes a little rushed, thus the sudden weird scenes. You know? Like maybe 20 episodes is too much for them, and throughout the end, they don’t really know what to write, so they just keep showing Do Yoon getting screwed over, and leave the whole ‘catch-the-bad-guy’ thing for the last episode.

And can someone explain to me…..why no one tried to kill Michael Jang before? That dude gets knocked out quite easily. I thought he was supposed to be the BIG BAD guy above Seo Dong Ha. Meh. I’m sad.

Honestly, I expected the drama to be more tense, and a tougher mind game between Do Yoon and Michael, but that didn’t happen so I’m kind of upset. Seo Dong Ha’s character grew on me though as the annoying evil who keeps whining, but blocking Do Yoon every time. He’s so frustratingly evil.

And….Seo Dong Ha walked away a free man u_u

I didn’t like it. It’s okay if they were going for the ‘you can never put powerful men behind bars’, but they should have at least made the whole story a little bit more tense, and centered around power and justice. Even though, the drama did have a fair share of both – but I thought we were all fighting for justice because Do Yoon was fighting for justice since episode 2. And then out of the blue, Seo Dong Ha walked a free man. So it’s as though I’ve been cheated of 20 episodes, when I thought justice would win, but it didn’t.

And….it’s like Do Yoon went through all that, Sa Ra died, his family died -and…Seo Dong Ha still got away with it. If it was Michael who walked away, it wouldn’t be that bad because when he got caught, he told Do Yoon that they’ll see each other again.

Okay – so those are basically my disappointments. I thought the writer could have done more to the characters, mainly Michael Jang and Sa Ra because their characters are only useful when needed, and it’s hard to connect. It’s like, they have the characters there, but they’re not making full use of them – and it’s sad actually.

Okay. That’s that.

What about the good stuff.

I would say…. despite all of that above, it was still a decent watch. It wasn’t very addictive to me, but looking at how I didn’t drop it, even after dropping Hotel King, Angel Eyes and Dr Stranger, you can say that I prefer it over those dramas. There are a few strong points though. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s good – but it was nice overall. I liked the subtle power play, and Park Hee Soo and Seo Dong Ha share a very funny relationship. Sometimes, their conversation is meant to be serious, but it just feels funny and cute to me. It’s a good thing.

I also liked Seo Yi Re’s love for her Dad. Some other female leads would have fight for justice till the end, but Yi Re’s more realistic – because no matter what, it would be hard to put your own dad behind bars. It’s weird how I actually thought they were not real dad-daughter at first. Speaking of that – what’s with that anyway and the whole affair in the first few episodes. Kind of not needed actually, when I think back. But oh wells.

Okay – now I’m thinking of more bad points – like how can Seo Dong Ha still be on ‘good terms’ with Park Hee Soo who almost killed his daughter and went into a coma for 6 months. And Park Hee Soo still being okay, when Seo Dong Ha who ran over him. That’s not very realistic, isn’t it?

Hahahaha. Okay – now I’m talking about the bad points again.

Let’s put it this way – the drama is decent before the last 4(?) episodes. So I liked the drama overall, but didn’t like the last four episodes. Don’t take it wrong though – because it’s subjective, and I think others liked it.

So……was it an UP or DOWN for me….. I would go with UP. It’s alright honestly, and pretty decent. A few misses, but didn’t affect me that badly. Had a pretty good time watching it. It’s not a drama I would watch a second time though, but it’s alright 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Ups & Down of Golden Cross

  1. I agree with everything! You reminded me of all the things I disliked haha. But what’s frustrating is that most of these flaws could’ve been patched up with a better ending, yet it didn’t happen. Like the reporter could’ve helped out the good side in the end, and I would’ve loved to see Michael Jang going crazy and fleeing away on a boat into the ocean lol. And of course, the romance was the most disappointing. It’s too bad, the drama had lots of potential.

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