POV DISCUSSION: A New Leaf (Mini Review)


Kim Myung Min looks so good, even when crying. URGH.

I’m actually loving A New Leaf, but somehow, there isn’t much I want to write about after each episode, so I didn’t write up episode discussions for this. I would say that the drama focuses more on character developments – in this case more towards, Suk Joo’s character, and each new episode is seeing him change a little bit, and also discovering who he was previously.

Even though they have court cases, I couldn’t care less – because that’s not really the main point of the show, and it’s not that interesting. The best thing about this drama, is basically the characters. It probably won’t appeal to everyone, and some would argue that the pace is slow.

I find the pace pretty alright actually, though I do want more Suk Joo scenes (I can never get enough of Kim Myung Min), and also the rest of the leads. Loveline? Hmmmm…. I didn’t put much expectation for that, so it doesn’t really matter so much.

What I find beautiful is actually how Kim Suk Joo, after losing his memory, slowly try to adapt to living again – and he struggles with himself as the ‘new’ him cannot understand the ‘previous’ him.

It’s extra sweet when the brand new Suk Joo is all about justice, and he slowly improves the relationship with his Dad, who is unfortunately suffering from Alzheimer. I don’t know if he’s ever getting his memory back, but even if he doesn’t, it’s all fine with me.

As for Ji Yoon, she’s thinking whether to leave the company, as the cases doesn’t always matches her beliefs and ideals, but in front of reality – where money and job is a concern, it’s hard to pick a side.

Anyway, overall, I like the drama a lot. I wish we have more scenes with Jung Sun and Ji Won though – but anyway, Kim Myung Min is always worth watching (to me), and I just love him as an actor, and his portrayal of his characters always amazes me.

I’m sad that they cut down 2 episodes, because of all the pre-empt, and Kim Myung Min cannot extend his filming as he has another project coming up. There’s only 2 episodes left and I’m sad 😦






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