LeeJIN’s Top Picks: Crime/Mystery/Investigation

Okay – Next up is Crime, Mystery, Investigation – related dramas. I do like this genre, but it’s extremely hard to find a solid and good one – and for this genre, cable TV scores. Mainstream networks don’t deliver them as how awesome cable does it. I really appreciate cable networks because they can do a lot of things, which mainstream networks can’t, due to the audience.

There’s actually quite a few which have good reviews, which I haven’t watch, mostly because I don’t have the time to spare, but maybe in the next few years, I might? HAHAHAHA.

My Personal Favorites

Vampire Prosecutor (Season 1 & 2) – I LOVE THIS. The whole concept is cool, and the characters are fun to watch. Season 2 was not as good as the first, in terms of the crime they solved, because season 2 focused a lot on the whole vampire stuff. But still I can never get enough of Min Tae Yeon and Yoo Jung In. Their interactions are so CUTE, and I’m still waiting for the 3rd season u_u

Special Affairs Team TEN (Season 1 & 2) – This is good stuff too. The loveline is not as cute as Vampire Prosecutor, but the whole execution and crimes are just as fun and engaging, maybe slightly more. I was a little disappointed by the second season, because it wasn’t as fun, though it was still good to watch. And same with Vampire Prosecutor, we still have an unsolved mystery.

Heartless City – THIS. IS. SO. GOOD. It’s probably the best gangster-crime drama I’ve ever watched, because it’s much more darker and violent compared to other dramas of the same genre. I didn’t like the ending – but it was acceptable, for this type of genre. The only thing I dislike….Yoon Soo Min. I don’t really get her purpose. She was supposed to be female lead who tries to get revenge by going undercover, but it was pretty much a useless character. Anyway, Doctor’s Son is the main win for me.

Sign – This was a weird watch. It was enjoyable at some points, and then it became nonsense. I can’t really remember the ending so well, but I think I hated the ending. The winning point of the drama is the mysteries. It was actually worth watching for that alone.

That’s about it for my top picks. I do want to try out Killer K and Sirius though – I heard good stuff about it. And maybe God’s Quiz too?

Other dramas are pretty much not that enjoyable. I didn’t like IRIS, Crime Squad, and what else is there? If I forgotten about them, it means I pretty much didn’t like them.

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5 thoughts on “LeeJIN’s Top Picks: Crime/Mystery/Investigation

    1. Is it good? There was mixed reviews so I wasn’t sure if I should try watching it or not, and it’s Lee Yeon Hee. If her acting is alright, and if you say it’s good, maybe I should check it out 🙂

  1. I would strongly recommend H.I.T., a 2007 show starring Ha Jung Woo (before he became a movie star) and Go Hyung Jung. It is one of my favorite shows because if has a great combination of crime, romance, and the best team on the planet. In fact, I think my favorite part is how the team comes together. It is actually one of my favorite shows of all shows. (hmm, maybe I will go marathon it again).

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