LeeJIN’s Top Picks: Melodrama/Revenge

Next up for my top picks is….Melodrama/Revenge. Basically those revenge-themed melodramas. Not exactly my favorite genre, but it’s a much shorter list – thus lesser writing time. Hahahaha. I need more time to gather stuff for other popular genres.

I don’t think I watch a lot of dramas from this genre, but I did watch a few and some were runaway hits with me, while some were really so disappointing, I can’t even describe how much it irritated me.

So basically, these would include dramas – which revolves around revenge.

My Personal Favorites

Women Of The Sun – This remains as one of my best pick for a revenge-themed drama. It’s more towards melodrama and romance, but there is enough revenge in it as well. The best thing about it? Two ladies. Two sisters. Most other revenge dramas revolves around man/man, or female/man and it’s hard finding female/female.

A rough idea about what the drama is about – Do Young is adopted by a family who didn’t have children, but then one day they had a child of their own, Ji Young. Do Young left Ji Young in a train station when they were young, and thus they were separated.

When they meet again as adults, Do Young refuses to acknowledge Sa Wol (Ji Young’s new name) as her sister, and Ji Young plans revenge.

This drama was really nice, because I find myself rooting for both ladies at different parts of the drama. At one point, Do Young felt so evil, but as Ji Young gets her revenge, Ji Young turned evil too. It’s really about sisters, and it was such an enjoyable watch, because both the female characters are intriguing. Don’t expect anything from the lovelines though.

Nice Guy – SONG JOONG KI 🙂 MOON CHAE WON 🙂 Honestly, I find the rave around the drama is a little bit overrated, but I did enjoy the drama  a lot though. I found the whole memory lost thingy a little too drastic, but still, the drama is a gem. And I loved the casts 🙂

Incarnation of Money – I’m not sure if this would fall under revenge, but it did – sort of. The first few episodes of the show is nothing much to talk about, but it’s really the second half which was so fun to watch. I was actually so glad I decided to stick to the drama, despite the first few episodes being pretty much meh.

Okay – that’s about it for my top picks for revenge-themed dramas.

I watched quite a number, but most of them turned out pretty disappointing. Let me just state a few.

Bad Guy – This really had much potential, too bad it turned into a mess halfway through. And Kim Jae Wook was such an awesome character at first, and it left such a deep impression on me – but yeah, the story turned into a mess. Somehow, for me.

Shark – This is a revenge drama? REALLY? All I remember was the two lovebirds and evil grandfather.

Empire of Gold – THIS DRAMA PROMISES THINGS WHICH THEY DIDN’T DELIVER. IT PISSED ME OFF SO BAD. AND THE ENDING. URGHHHHH. But if you’re into money-battles, maybe you can try it. The money battles were really so intense, its good – but it lacked everything else.

East of Eden – I remember being addicted to this, but the super mess the drama turned into – URGH. UNFORGIVABLE. I remember hating on Lee Da Hae for a while because she dropped out of the drama while the drama was still airing.

 I Miss You – Does this consider as revenge? Anyway – this drama was just too much for me. I was so upset that Yoo Seung Ho ended up being wasted on such a drama.

Okay – so that’s it. There’s other revenge dramas, which tends to run for more episodes – I don’t really watch those because it’s way too long for me to keep up. And like I said, I don’t really watch a lot of revenge-themed dramas. They’re too stressing for my heart. Hah.

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4 thoughts on “LeeJIN’s Top Picks: Melodrama/Revenge

  1. OMG I know I’m like proper delayed but I LOVEEEEEE NICE GUY ❤ LIKEE IN LOVE WITH IT It was just a-ma-zingggg and I loveee song joong ki and moon chae won like seriously. Kwang Soo was hilarious and I loved the chemistry between them. It was the first melodrama that I watched and I lovedd it ahhhh ok enough fangirlinG…….peaceeee…..


      1. OMG YGM!!! She’s like my fav actress and shes on a haitus i think and its killing me -__- n yuuuuup im waiting for song joong ki to get out of the army to do more drammasss!!!!

        1. She did a film early this year and I hope she picks up a drama soon! We totally miss her on screen~~

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