FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Trot Lovers Episode 1 – 3

Sorry – I have no time to do screencaps, so no pictures.

Anyway, I’ve watched the first three episodes of Trot Lovers, and I’m not completely sold yet. Personally, I find it boring – unless Shin Sung Rok comes on screen. I’m not a big fan of music-based dramas, even though I do watch quite a number of them.

The main characters are nothing new to dramaland – an idol who dropped from the top, and a new inspiring singer who overcomes family difficulties. I really wish that drama land changes these kind of characters, or at least find someone who can portray the characters well, with a different, refreshing feeling.

This is Jung Eunji’s second lead role, and personally I’m not a fan of hers or idols becoming leads in dramas – but I always do give them a chance, because we never know. Out of all female idols, I really think SNSD’s Sooyoung and After School UEE should pursue a long time career in acting. I think they’re better than the others – of course it’s just my opinion.

I think Eunji’s doing alright so far – a little bit of over-acting at certain parts and emotions, but it’s the process of learning, and I don’t expect her to act like as though she’s been acting for years.

As for Ji Hyun Woo, I can’t find myself liking his character. There are plentiful of those characters who are rude and arrogant, but you still don’t hate them – but I just don’t like his character. I’m not sure how to explain it – but I think it has to do with an actor’s portrayal and delivering of the character.

And I find that he and Eunji has zero chemistry together. It’s so weird. I get bored every time he and Eunji are on the same screen – and I JUST DON’T FEEL THE SPARKS.

In case you think I don’t like Ji Hyun Woo, nope, that’s not true. I loved him in Queen In Hyun’s Man, and he acted sort of a similar role in Invincible Lee Pyung Kang, and I didn’t hate him.

Maybe it’s just the whole idol part of the character which I don’t like. Honestly speaking, he’s too old to be called an idol, and he doesn’t have what the idols we know have. (*coughs* if you get what i mean.) And actually that doesn’t mean he can’t portray the character. He can – because even Cha Seung Won played an has-been idol in The Greatest Love – and he was hilarious.

I think he needs time adjusting, and maybe in the later episodes, I could see him being comfortable in his character and portray it better.

Lee Se Young. Wow. Is she picking adult roles already?! I always view her as a teenager. Hah. She played so many bratty/evil roles, and it’s honestly hard to like her – but I actually like her transformation here. She’s pretty, and so easy to hate. No, I don’t hate her!

And of course – Shin Sung Rok wins hands down.



The only reason why I’m actually watching this drama, even though I get bored, is solely because of Shin Sung Rok’s character. It’s unique – refreshing, and so hilarious. Whatever he says is a joke – but it’s not exactly a joke – which makes it funny. I don’t know if you get what I mean – but I’m pretty sure you get the point.

I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF HIM….so I guess that’s a good thing? I hope that drama has more for me to love about in future, not just him.


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One thought on “FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Trot Lovers Episode 1 – 3

  1. I enjoy Trot Lovers so far. The plot is messy and the male protagonist is really hard to like but all in all, the series is pleasant to watch.

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