POV DISCUSSION: A New Leaf (Last Review)

Alright, I actually finished watching A New Leaf, and wanted to snap a few pictures to go along with this post – but then again, I don’t really have much spare time to do screencaps, so I just decided to go ahead with this post.

A New Leaf gave me mixed feelings. I don’t hate it at all – in fact I really liked it a lot. However, I admit that it sorts of disappoint me a little because it could have been so much better, if it wasn’t for the time constraint. URGH. ALL THOSE PRE-EMPTS!

They had good characters, a lot of possible good plots – but I think they couldn’t flesh everything out because time was too tight.

Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it a lot. At least, even though it disappointed me a little, it didn’t go crazy midway and it was still a good watch.


Overall, of course Kim Myung Min did a good job with his character as Kim Suk Joo. He always scores the characters he plays. In fact, the whole drama revolves around him. I liked how his character was at the beginning – intelligent, cold, sharp and at the court, he was amazing.

And I loved the character even after the memory loss. He quickly adapts and goes back to living as per normal. He slowly learns what kind of person he was, and it disturbs him. He slowly changes or rather- it’s as though he’s living a new life all over again, and his relationship with his dad takes a new turn.

I’m not sure if his character regained his memory – but I doubt he did. He might have recalled a few things, but I think he didn’t fully recover his memory.

Park Min Young was alright – I like her acting here though. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was better compared to her recent dramas, or maybe I just like the character she’s playing. There was a chance of developing her character for more – and I’m sad that it didn’t happen.

Kim Sang Joong who played Kim Suk Joo’s boss, Cha Young Woo was alright. I thought there would be more to his character, but apparently, there wasn’t anything much. He was just a supportive superior of Kim Suk Joo, and treasured his talent. He also knew what Suk Joo was capable off – and he’s sort of similar with Suk Joo of the past, in terms of intelligence and dealing with cases.

The characters Jun Ji Won & Yoo Jung Sun appeared here and there, and they didn’t appeared for long enough to actually create a long lasting impression. It was sort of sad – their characters should have been fleshed out more.

Plot wise – I would say….maybe there wasn’t much time to develop some intense plot – so they decided to go easy and just flesh out Kim Suk Joo’s character. Besides Kim Suk Joo changing, there really isn’t much story in this whole drama.

The initial court cases can be considered interesting, but that’s like only 2 cases – and after those cases, every other cases were pretty boring. There wasn’t any romance between anyone – though it seemed promising at first. I guess there wasn’t time to develop any romance as well.

Honestly, I felt that the first few episodes focused too much on Kim Suk Joo adapting at his current law firm. His character should have left the firm earlier, and everything should have moved a little bit faster, so that there would be more development on other characters.

It’s a waste that it couldn’t have been more, but still it was worth watching – for Kim Myung Min, and it was still a nice drama overall 🙂

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