POV DISCUSSION: Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You)


Okay – A new Taiwan drama on my watching list, and it’s called Pleasantly Surprised, or otherwise known as Love Myself or You. There were good reviews about it, and thanks to Blueeyy, I finally started watching it yesterday and it was fun 🙂

I would have marathon all the 8 episodes, but too bad it was like 2 am and I had to work – so I only watched 3 episodes so far. Catching up with the rest soon.

Anyway, this drama seems pretty promising, and I like what I see so far – so hopefully, it doesn’t drag and maintain this way throughout.

The plot or characters are nothing new, but both Puff Guo and Yi Hao are portraying their characters with their own style, and their chemistry is fun to watch – so that’s a plus.

What I really like about the drama is that, it takes place in a restaurant. It’s like a workplace-romance drama, and it does involves them working!

I’m so tired of workplace-dramas which hardly show their characters actually working. It’s like, they stick a job to a character – but we hardly see the characters even working. *roll eyes*

The food/cooking scenes reminds me so much of Korean drama Let’s Eat, but of course Let’s Eat was much more prettier and much more cruel to tummy because of my cravings.

I used to love TW-dramas so much, but recent dramas always tend to disappoint and I hardly touch them anymore. I like this one, but I am hoping that it doesn’t get draggy, and the characters don’t get annoying.

I really….. hate those 2nd lead characters who always mess things up for the leads. I would say, I’m sick of such characters because they’re literally everywhere, even in most k-dramas. These characters need some sort of unique twist or factor, honestly.

Le Xuan’s character is acceptable as of now. I like it that she doesn’t want to be called a flower vase, and was upset at winning in an unfair competition. However, for her to purposely make things difficult for Kai Qi was kind of childish and annoying. I hope there’s character growth for her character, I mean, obviously, there has to be, right?

So overall, I think it’s good so far. My greedy heart wants more cooking/food scenes and cute OTP scenes 🙂vlcsnap-2014-07-18-20h43m28s145

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2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You)

  1. Oooooooooo your watching Love Myself or You!! Yaaaaaay omg you will love the OTP especially the guy cause hes just so hotttt ❤ confession I havent watched the recent 2 eps cause ive been busy but im gonno catch up in the summer holsssss nowwwwww nn sme here i hope it don't get draggy cause im acc commiting to a drama since the dissapoint of Gods Gift which annoyed me…heres us hoping to great thingsss

    1. YESSSS I’m watching it, and the guy IS SO CUTE!!!! Hahahaha. Let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint, and better cute stuff coming our way 🙂

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