POV DISCUSSION: Marriage Without Dating

Alright, I’ve been diligently watching Marriage Not Dating, but didn’t really have time to write up about it. I’m not going to do recaps for this drama, maybe short discussions from time to time. Dramabeans are doing recaps for it, so YAY!

Anyway, I just wanted to discuss about the episodes so far. I’m still loving it to pieces, and it always keeps me glued to my screen. I love the characters, and they’re so much fun! I think their humor and jokes are on a different level, and it keeps me entertained.

The only thing I don’t like is actually the characters Kang Se Ah and Hyun Hee. The character Kang Se Ah doesn’t seem to fit in at all – practically because all of the other characters are unique and somehow funny. Even Ki Tae’s mom, is funny at times.

Se Ah is just weird, and like the typical nasty 2nd female lead. I mean – she randomly asks her ex-fiance for his sperm. LIKE WHAT?! How is that even normal? And it’s not even funny. The overall tone of the drama is actually very light, and funny – but her character just dampens the mood.

They could have made her character more….I don’t know… funny? It’s like Hoon Dong’s character. He’s a jerk, but his character is funny to watch. I don’t know how to pinpoint the exact problem, but the character just doesn’t do it for me.

As for Hyun Hee… what is her deal? Does she have a hidden grudge on Jang Mi? I’m totally fine with her if she likes Hoon Dong, but I don’t know if it’s just an acting issue, or the character itself, Hyun Hee makes weird faces like as though she hates Jang Mi, or is jealous of her. I just can’t figure her out.

That’s that – the drama itself still remains fun to watch 🙂 It seems that Jang Mi will date Yeo Reum, while still putting on an act, and I can’t wait to see more craziness.


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11 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Marriage Without Dating

  1. I am not sure about the other two female leads here either. It is like the writer is not sure what to do with them or rather Se Ah is supposed to be the traditional bitchy second lead–she just wants Gi Tae because she doesn’t want anyone else to have him? I would find her more interesting if she wanted him for the same reason he doesn’t want to get married–because she doesn’t want that pressure any more either; she would have her freedom. However, Hyun Hee seems superfluous. I could see if Jang Mi still liked Hoon Dong–if she ever really did–but Jang Mi clearly does not.

    1. Yup. Ahahaha. The characters are so weird. Maybe Hyun Hee is just upset that Jang Mi has rich guys all crazy for her xDD and wanna snag one for herself.

      1. I replied to you before I watched episode 6, and I agree. She seems to have been pining for the stupid ex for awhile, but it has to be hard to feel sorry for Jang Mi without knowing her whole story. It looks like she has three guys after her and all she does is complain. Hyun Hee does not seem to care that Hoon DOng slept with her because he was drunk and lonely, so why should Jang Mi? I can see why she does, but she seems to think of her friendship with Hyun Hee more than Hyun Hee does. And Se Ah. Wow. They have taken the crazy ex-girlfriend a step into Lifetime network land. I really hate her, but at least she is a different crazy ex than I have seen in dramas.

  2. I don’t like Se Ah either she seems a bit off and just weird but not good weird like the other characters like Hoon Dong who is just so funny that you just can’t hate him lool but feel sorry for him. The 2nd lead guy is still mysterious to me but who cares I love the OTP and i love the drama so wherever it takes me I’ll happily go along!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Now that you mention it, Se Ah really doesn’t bring the funny in any way like the rest of the characters (Hyun Hee did during her first and second meeting of Hoon Dong). But I think that was the actor’s choice. If you think about it, asking (or rather blackmailing) an ex for sperm can be pretty funny situation if you’re not in it. Her delivery of that nugget lack any comedic element. Had she smiled, flirted, or been a tad bit more physical while making the demand, it may have come across that way. Then we’d have a crazy/ridiculous Se Ah instead of a crazy unable to express her love in a non 2nd lead manner Se Ah.
    Anyway, thought give you that to ponder for a moment. Also, I’m not bothered by the choice the actor did make in her approach to Se Ah. I just hope we get a little more backstory on why it has to be Gi Tae.

    1. omgwad, you said what i had been thinking. I just didn’t know how to put that in words. Hahahaha. It’s so true. She could have portrayed the character differently to match the overall tone of the drama. Weird is that how come no one on the production team fixed that. I mean even the mother has her own funny weird moments.

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