LeeJIN Updates: Please do not copy my post elsewhere :)

Hi, recently, I came across some sites which has the exact same post as mine, and though I’m flattered, I would appreciate it if you would just copy an extract (if you really want to), but re-link it back to my blog. It doesn’t matter whether you credit me, or the blog or it – it just seems a little wrong to post my post on your blog, even when you credit me/ the blog.

Some of them copy about 2 paragraphs, and re-direct it back to my site, which is fine with me. However, please refrain from copying the entire post. It’s not about crediting me or not, it’s about seeing my entire post elsewhere.

Mine is just a small personal blog I started out to discuss my personal feelings on dramas, with drama fans alike. It’s not about site traffic, or anything, it just doesn’t feel good to see my post which I spend time on, in a blog which doesn’t belong to me 😦

Anyway, I am always appreciating all my readers out there, and thanks for reading my blog 🙂

Thanks 🙂

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7 thoughts on “LeeJIN Updates: Please do not copy my post elsewhere :)

  1. Hey leejin! I’ve recently found out that some sites were also uploading my entire recaps without permission. It is rather disturbing since those recaps do in fact take A LOT of time to do. It’s a labor of love that I write those recaps for my blog and my lovely readers so it’s just not nice that people are basically ‘stealing’ those posts from small time bloggers like us (or any bloggers’ reallu)…*sigh*’tis the internet…

    1. Yup. Its so sad. And for us to disable copying of text, we need to migrate and pay some fees and its just not fair to us 😦 We spent our time and effort on it.

      1. Yeah, it’s totally unfair. I was searching up ways to prevent content theft but they don’t really work…When I tried reaching out to the sites, they just ignored my requests to remove them 😦 There’s not much we can do…

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