POV DISCUSSION: High School Love On Episode 4


Episode 4 was better than Episode 3, but still not as good as the first two episodes. I don’t really know how to explain it in words. When Seul Bi played in the rain, when she goes inside the washroom to hand Woo Hyun his phone – it’s pretty and funny.

Episode 3 & 4 focuses too much on school life now, and it’s not as interesting as the first two episodes. It’s still nice to watch, but not as interesting and I keep wanting the same excitement I had watching the first two episodes. I wished this episode didn’t ended the way it did – where Woo Hyun was held by the bullies, and Seul Bi and Sung Yeol are running towards where he is.

It would have been much more interesting if Seul Bi had arrived and maybe used her power to stop the bullies – and the episode could have ended there. It would have been much more interesting.

No recaps – only discussion.


I wonder if I get the whole concept of the drama wrong. I know Seul Bi is a fallen angel, but maybe the whole drama was about high school life, and love. Yikes! Even the title says so. I was under the impression that it would focus on Seul Bi, the fallen angel, who adapts in being human – and maybe it does show that portion, but it’s not enough for me 😦

Not that I don’t like high-school dramas – I do, but Heirs and School 2013 is still fresh in my head, even though I watched it like months or a year ago when those aired. I don’t mind – but I wished they had less bullying and more friendship & bromance. School life is not always about being bullied, you know?

And they would always show that those bullies have a difficult life which made them to turn out the way they did – I know it makes sense, but on a logical and reasonable stance, that doesn’t give them enough reason to hurt others. Hurting others is always wrong – this should be a value that people must pass on to the living and future generations – and people should never get the wrong impression that a ‘bad experience’ justify the actions of hurting others.

Maybe I’m just tired of bullying scenes in dramas. Hahahaha.

Anyway, we had cute moments between Woo Hyun and Seul Bi – and I WANT MORE!!! GIVE ME MORE CUTE AND LESS BULLYING!

And… we found out both mother and son have the same allergy, but still very far from knowing why she left him.

Story wise…there wasn’t anything much going on in this episode. We only have one episode each week, and I really hope that drama picks up the pace a little, and give me more cute moments between the characters.

I sense a lot of melodrama on my way – grandmother seems to be sick, Ji Hye who is Woo Hyun’s real mom, and Sung Yeol who is her step-son.

I hope drama doesn’t focuses too much on those!!! I need more happy and cute moments and less negative moments. And Seul Bi is a fallen angel, give me some supernatural, or out-of-this-world stuff!!!

OH!!! And in the last episode, the random guy who appeared in front of Seul Bi who did her registration – I found out his name – Choi Sung Gook. Hahahaha.

That’s about it for this episode – and I would probably not do any recaps for this – unless the episode is mind-blowing interesting.

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