FIRST IMPRESSION: The Night Watchman Episode 1 & 2


Somebody, save this drama. I really wanted to pull my hair while watching, and I can’t wait till the adult counterparts appear and hopefully they would save me from despair.

I wouldn’t say it’s THAT bad, but it was…. kind of boring – okay, it is BORING. A little bit ridiculous, and a little bit too draggy. The ‘black’ smoke effect for the ghost is alright, but the dragon…. I…just….can’t 😦 And it turned into stone. For a moment, I thought I was watching Harry Potter and Narnia – where the evil guy ‘controlled’ the dragon and when the dragon eventually turned into stone.

Okay – let’s not forget the bow which is made for the Joseon kings. AHAHAHAHA. Is that like Sword in the Stone???


It’s really not as bad as it sounds…. it’s different in a way, but not as exciting or suspenseful as I would expected it to be. I wouldn’t shut down the drama itself because it might just be the first two episodes – I do wish they stop showing previews at the end of the episode – which is really not for the next episode *roll eyes* It kind of irritates me when at the end of episode 1, they showed the preview of the adult counterparts – but in episode 2, we’re still dealing with the child counterparts. Tsk. Cheat my feelings.

Anyway, it’s kind of interesting as the king is possessed – and I don’t know if the ghost would leave his body, but all I care right now, is to quickly get this whole childhood over and done with so I can see the adult counterparts.

Not that the kids aren’t good – I just want the back-story to be set up quickly so we can have the adults and the story come into place. I don’t really have much patience for younger counterparts – unless it’s really scene stealing and makes a huge impact on the overall drama.

That being said – I hope we have the adults soon and drama picks up the pace a little. Oh, on a side note, Choi Won Young is actually doing amazing portraying two different sides of him. I wonder if the ghost would stay with him till Lee Rin grows up?

AND OMG LEE RIN CAN SEE THE EUNUCH GHOST WHEN HE GROWS UP!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I guess the tone would be a little lighter and funnier once the adult counterparts steps in.

I’m actually hoping that this drama turns out good – because I adore Jung Il Woo, and I love the two female leads as well 🙂 As for Yunho, I really want to see him do well, in a good drama too. Hahahaha. I hope he’s improved since the last I saw him, and please drama, don’t disappoint!

To me personally, the first two episodes wasn’t awesome enough for me to be interested, but it did have some nice and cool stuff with all the black smoke and the sweet relationship the characters have, so I’ll still keep my eyes on it.

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