POV DISCUSSION: The Night Watchman Episode 3 & 4

The adult casts have taken over, and thankfully, Episode 3 & 4 was much better than the earlier two episodes, though I still have some unanswered questions.

The biggest concern I had about the drama, honestly, was more of the acting rather than the story. As of now, I think they’re doing fine. It still feels awkward looking at Yunho act, but I would say he looks good, and with all those martial arts moves, it makes his character much more pleasing to my eyes.

Seo Ye Ji looks amazing, and it might be too early to say, but I don’t think I would have to worry about her acting. She was really good in the sitcom Potato Star, well to me.

Go Sung Hee is still awkward with certain expressions, but her character seems like-able enough, so as long as the character grows on me, I think it would be bearable. Unless she has to do a difficult emotional scene, and she doesn’t deliver – well, I hope that doesn’t happen.

Anyway, while watching, I’m wondering if the writer copied bit and pieces of ideas from other shows, because it gets kind of frustrating to see similar stuff – and it’s not the common stuff which most dramas copy – but rather specific stuff from different shows. Okay – maybe we could call it ‘inspiration’.

We had the dragon from the sea – which just screams ‘Harry Potter’ in my head (of course, she might get the idea elsewhere), we had the bow made only for the kings (Sword in the Stone, Knights of the Round Table…etc), the dragon turned into stone (I’m pretty sure quite a number of films have this?)

Next… we have the 3 ghosts who follows Lee Rin around (His eunuch, The minister and a young girl) – okay, since the drama IS about ghosts, and he can see ghosts, I shall not complain much, but my brain keeps being reminded of k-movie, Hello Ghost.

And the one which kind of pissed me off a little is – the King has hallucinations of ‘himself’ scolding himself. Well oh well, if that isn’t so obviously from Tree With Deep Roots. *roll eyes*

Song Joong Ki scenes in TWDR was so amazing back then, and refreshing to watch – but when the same idea is brought over here, I feel kind of frustrated (partly because of the other similar aspects of this drama with other films).

And…. the most disappointing thing was that… THEY NEVER SHOWED US HOW THE QUEEN OR THE KING DIED 😦


Even though they only appeared for two episodes, the characters had a strong impression on me, and I would have expected at least a decent explanation on how the king died. Like for example, if the court actually kills him, or I dunno – just some explanation, or clarity.

And eventhough we know the king killed the queen, they never showed us him killing her, or how he actually turned back to normal.


All that put aside, it’s pretty much a decent watch for now. I know I sound like I hate everything about it – but really, I don’t. Hahaha. I am frustrated with those stuff – but I do find the drama watchable, and it’s not bad actually.

I did actually enjoy myself watching episode 3 & 4, and there were good stuff as well, though I might not have mentioned it in this post.

Hopefully, the drama doesn’t have so much of negative stuff for me to rant about, and maybe I’ll start posting about the good stuff. Hahaha.

But really… it was quite interesting, but I still have my guard up. I can’t be too happy too soon.

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