POV DISCUSSION: Endless Love (1st Review)

Is anyone else watching weekend drama, Endless Love? I’ve been watching it and now at episode 16, I’m honestly so frustrated. 

The story is actually okay, and quite engaging, but the plot doesn’t seem to be moving at all, and Seo In Ae’s character is too stubborn for my liking. At episode 16, it would be a total of 4 (?) times that Seo In Ae is put in jail. 

So far, the plot keeps going back and forth with the whole political efforts to make the next president, and Seo In Ae is either going crazy because of love, or stubbornly protesting against the government and going to jail. 

It’s slated to be about 40 episodes, and I really feel like we’ve dragged long enough. Can they quickly just make Seo In Ae grow up and learn that love is not everything and actually do something if she wants revenge. She keeps saying she wants revenge, but does nothing to work towards it. 


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