POV DISCUSSION: Night Watchman Episode 7 & 8

First of all – not a recap, and no screencaps. I just needed a place to talk about the progress in the current episodes. Anyone else watching it?

I think I have a love hate relationship with this drama. There are enough good stuff about it, but I cannot look past the flaws which is just staring at me in my face. The plot is not exactly boring, but I wish the drama was executed more…. smoothly? I don’t know – maybe it’s just me. But sometimes the drama just seems so random, and I’m left scratching my head, wondering what is happening.

I mean – first of all, I never get it, why the current king actually have those nightmares. If Sadam had planted those nightmares, to be able to work in the palace – I wished it was shown more clearly. Maybe they did show, and I kind of forget about it. However, is Sadam’s goal….just to send the Dragon God to the heaven? Really? Like seriously? I thought it would be something grand like take over the whole world, with ghosts or something. Maybe it is – but then again, his motives are not explained clearly.

And am I the only one irritated by Sadam and The King’s ‘affection’ for each other??? There are tons of other ways for them to work together, and for the King to be needy of Sadam – but when their scenes come on, and they hold hands and Sadam pretends to be sad – it is just so cringe worthy, I can’t bear watching.

And… someone please explain to me how did Lee Rin, who was injured and in his dirty clothes, suddenly change into a new clean one, while being on the run? I mean – of course he can change clothes, but I would really appreciated it if there was a scene to show that. And yes, he had another change of clothes, together with Do Ha.

I don’t really want to nitpick on little stuff, but all of these little details are still crucial (to me) for a smoother execution of the drama, or rather better watching experience.

It’s also weird that the OST played during random Lee Rin and Do Ha moments – when really, they haven’t fell for each other yet. Not to mention when she was talking to Sang Hun, and Lee Rin who was overheard the conversation, just came in. It felt like the wanted to show us the ‘suspense’ of Sang Hun who still didn’t notice the Prince presence, but yeah – to me, that execution was pretty much awkward.

All those put aside though, I do like the growing relationship between the characters, and I can’t wait till Moo Suk serve Lee Rin, sincerely. And of course cute moments between them and Do Ha 🙂

However, we do have a little bit of clue that Do Ha’s sister might have caused Lee Rin’s father being possessed. As to why she did it – we do not know. And I’m all prepared for future angst between Do Ha and Lee Rin. I mean – since her sister was partly the cause of his parent’s death and him living the way he is now. Of course, maybe her sister didn’t play a part in that – but we still don’t know for sure.

And oh yes! FINALLY LEE RIN seeks help from the ghosts. I hope for more future moments like this – because I need more cute, for the drama to feel a little balanced. We have wayyy too many scenes of the King and Sadam.

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2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Night Watchman Episode 7 & 8

  1. I’m having some of the same issues, but weirdly I’m enjoying it. Though with the last couple episodes I have noticed something that keeps throwing me out of the show. Sadam’s angry face (when his forehead gets all veiny) looks so much like the vampires from Buffy I keep expecting him to sprout fangs as well.

    1. Hahahahaha. I am enjoying it too, despite those issues. It’s just weird? Hahaha! And yes… I wonder what else Sadam has in store for us xDDD But the fire ghost was pretty cool though. Reminds me of Prince Of Egypt? Those white stuff which goes around the place and kill those who don’t have blood on their door? Hahahaha.

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