Sept 5: LeeJIN’s Current Drama Rankings & Updates

First of all, I’m free this weekend. YAY 🙂 Hahahaha. I can finally catch up with the dramas and maybe have time to post a few posts on them too~ I’ve rank out my favorite airing dramas of this week, but excluding Reset, Joseon Gunman, FTLY and It’s Okay That’s Love, as I haven’t watched their recent episodes yet.

1 – Plus Nine Boys
2 – My Secret Hotel
3 – The Three Musketeers
4 – Surplus Princess
5 – Night Watchman
6 – Hi School Love On
7 – MAMA
8 – Discovery Of Romance

I’m dropping Endless Love officially – probably will just find recaps somewhere or read up the soompi thread to know what happens.

Anyway, Plus Nine Boys was such a pleasant surprise, and I really enjoyed it a lot, so it’s my favorite this week. My Secret Hotel continues to build a lot of interest in me, and I love the chemistry between the characters. The Three Musketeers is getting better, and I can’t wait till the Crown Prince falls for the Princess.

I lost a slight interest in Hi School Love On in recent episodes, probably because there’s too much bullying involved. I know that they wanted to ‘show’ Seul Bi that humans are a complicated bunch, but I wished that they also showed how school is not just a place where people get bullied.

I thought it would have been sweeter, if Seul Bi made friends in school, besides the two guys, and do what normal students do – like snacking or talking about boys, or the latest fashion trends. I thought if this was shown, it would have made Seul Bi’s decision to return back to being an angel, much more difficult – and much more fun for us to watch, rather than the reason right now – which is to sort of not cause problems for Woo Hyun.

I shall just wait for the day she return to being an angel, and hopefully, things start to brighten up again.

Discovery Of Romance is…. honestly, such a bore to me. I can’t find myself liking Yeo Reum or Tae Ha. I do like however, Ha Jin’s relationship with Ah Rim – and hopefully he falls for her as a girl, and not just think that he’s treating her well because of their past relationship.

The best characters however, goes to Yoon Sol and Joon Ho. They are such a delight to watch, I just want more and more of them 🙂

Alrights, that’s all for now. Since I’m free this weekends, I’ll try my best to post on a few dramas, and catch up on the latest episodes.

Enjoy your weekend everybodies~

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