FINAL Review: Marriage Not Dating

I realized that I mentioned about posting up a final review on Marriage Not Dating, but never really got around writing up on it. Hahahha. So here I am 🙂  No pictures though, because I’m actually writing this at work so I don’t have access to the videos right now.

Overall, I loved MND – it was a lot of fun and gave me plenty to laugh about, but of course it had its own flaws. Han Groo and Yun Woo Jin had amazing chemistry together as Joo Jang Mi and Gong Ki Tae, and I absolutely love them so much. This is probably one of the most memorable role Woo Jin played, and I’m so glad he picked this drama!

I’ve kept my eyes on Han Groo since watching her in Can We Get Married, and I like her a lot too 🙂

Anyway, back to the main focus.

I really loved MND for it’s never ending humor, hilarious characters and endless bickering of Jang Mi and Ki Tae. It’s really the most awesome part of the drama. Not forgetting Gi Tae’s Mom, who is very much awesome herself.

Hoon Dong started out as a great character as well, hilarious how he was afraid of marriage and ditch Jang Mi, only to feel jealous when Jang Mi got together with his best friend. However as the episode progresses, his character got less scenes, but he did still shine in those little scenes he had.

Han Yeo Reum…. was a little weird. The character itself was not that weird, but I guess it’s Jin Woon’s acting which needs a little more experience. Somehow the way he portrayed the character seems like the character is not into Jang Mi that much. It seems like he was just flirting with her, and I guess that’s why I never had the dilemma of choosing a side between main lead or second main lead.

Kang Se Ah was the worst character in the drama. Not because she was the second female lead – but her character was just beyond weird. I can’t even decide if it’s the bad character, or the acting which makes it so annoying to see her character on screen.

I never understood why she wanted Gi Tae’s baby – okay because she loved him, but that’s not enough of a justification of her acting all crazy and making bets and deals with Gi Tae. Like…….errrrrrr, what is wrong with you? And her spoiling Gi Tae’s proposal was uncalled for. Her character was just not a correct fit for the drama.

Hyun Hee was also weird, but not that bad actually. I think her character was set to be scheming and calculative, not in a bad way. She seems like she’s jealous of Jang Mi initially, and unhappy at how Jang Mi has rich guys all around her. It’s a fact that she sort of seduced Hoon Dong, but I guess So Hee’s portrayal of the character is a little bit weak, which makes me a little confused as to what are her real motives.

Character wise – Yeo Ruem, Se Ah and Hyun Hee are the weaker characters in the drama, which is also the flaws of the drama. The characters could have worked perfectly fine, only if the portrayal was strong enough to have an impact. I guess all the three actors need a little bit more experience in acting. Their portrayal of their characters was not strong enough, and it leaves viewers confused as to what kind of person is the character supposed to be.

Plot wise – it was pretty smooth, until we reach the near end where I never understood how Hyun Hee actually fall in love with Hoon Dong for real, and she got pregnant and her character development was so random – I can’t even put it in words.

Se Ah and Yeo Reum also tried to break off Jang Mi and Gi Tae for good, only to turn into good characters in the next episode, which is too big of a change in too short of a time-span.

Well, besides those – the drama itself is awesome.

It’s definitely worth watching, just for Jang Mi, Gi Tae and Gi Tae’s Mom. 🙂

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