The Sunshine Award; Courtesy of Aigooyobo


First of all, Thanks to Aigooyobo for nominating my blog 🙂

I’m always appreciating every single reader out there, and it’s always nice to know that there are some who enjoy reading what they can find here. I know that I haven’t really been posting much, and I’m sad about that too. Hopefully, I can free up some of my time to post a few more stuff.

Anyway, I would be replying to Aigooyobo’s questions, and everyone out there who knows any good awesome blogs out there, go ahead and give them this award. It’s not that I don’t want to nominate other blogs, it’s just that I hardly have time to read stuff online, so I’m pretty sure a lot of you know some awesome hidden gems around.

Answering to Aigooyobo,

1) What is your favorite drama and actor?

THERE’S TOO MANY! I don’t have a specific favorite drama, because there’s so many good ones out there. I keep a DVD collection of all those which I find it worth spending on, despite finish watching everything online. As for actors, there’s so many of them….. and they range from young actors, to teenage actors, to young adults, to ahjusshi actors. How do you want me to choose xD Just to list a few though… Song Joong Ki, Park Seo Joon, Park Shi Hoo, Yoo Seung Ho, Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Jun Ki, Yoo Yeon Seok… and the list goes on. For females though > Ha Ji Won & Moon Geun Young are my top two favorites 🙂 Plenty of others too after them.

2) Who or what made you enter the world of watching Asian dramas?

I’m….Asian. Hah. So basically, I grew up watching a good mix of English and Chinese dramas (I’m not Chinese though), then slowly addicted to Taiwan and China Wuxia/Historical dramas. And when I was 18 (?) I started on Korean dramas and…. yup… I’m basically stuck here for life. I watch an average amount of Japanese dramas too. Variety is good. They all have different kind of styles 🙂 However, I really do enjoy China Wuxia films a lot, like really A LOT. There hasn’t been many good ones for the past years so… I wished something good pops up.

3) If there is one place you would like to live where would that be?

The past. ISN’T IT COOL to live in those times where Kings and Queens were around, and people were wearing all those old costumes… No, I’m kidding. Hahahaha. I can’t live without internet. Hmm…. there’s so many beautiful places in the World. I don’t want to be born elsewhere, I love where I am from – but I do want to try living in a different country. Let’s say…. maybe try living in South Korea for 3 months? And Venice too. And Australia. And Mongolia. Okay – I want to try living everywhere.

4) If you were given a chance to act in a drama, what drama would that be? Why?

Hwang Jin Yi – gorgeous hanboks!!!!! Ha Ji Won was so pretty >.< and all that dancing looked so cool. Or any other drama with any one of my fav actor, because heh…who doesn’t want to act with your favorite actor and having a loveline with them? HAHAHAHAHA.

5) Is there a new change in your life now that you are an Asian dramas lover?

Of course 🙂 I’ve always been fond of watching dramas, it gives me a lot of things to think about – and unlike what most people say, which is watching dramas is a waste of time, I have a completely different stand on that. There is actually A LOT we can learn from dramas, and it’s sad that only a minority can appreciate it. IT IS NOT JUST A PAST-TIME. Anyway, the change is basically that I grew fond of words, and I realized I always have so much to say and talk about, and that’s how I started blogging 🙂 Well, basically because not all of your friends and family would entertain your addiction to dramas, you know?

6) If you could be a superhero, what power would you like to possess? 

Be invisible. Does that count? I think I can do anything with that. Like….grabbing free stuff, or ogling at some hot guys, getting a free plane ride… etc.

That’s all 🙂 Thanks again to Aigooyobo for the nomination. So sorry because I couldn’t list out other blogs 😦

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