FIRST IMPRESSION: My Lovely Girl Episode 1 & 2


I’ve watched My Lovely Girl, and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I sort of like it. There is a certain sweet vibe I get when I see Hyun Wook trying to look after Yoon Se Na. We also know the pain it would bring in the later episodes when she finds out he is her sister’s ex-boyfriend. I just hope they don’t overdo it and get all moody with the push-and-pull.

I really love the fact there’s a dog in this, but the dog has cancer! NO! Does that means we’ll only have the dog for a few episodes 😦 Personally, I felt the two episodes were watchable. Nothing to shout about, but it’s not boring either. A little bit too predictable, but most dramas are anyway, so not an issue with that – unless drama goes overboard in later episodes.

The biggest problem with the drama – the casts. There’s only so much of bad acting viewers can take, and I think this drama has too many actors who can’t really act. Rain (Bi) and Krystal is alright so far to me. The problems lies with Cha Ye Ryun, L, Kim Jin Woo, Hoya – and some others.

I never really liked Cha Ye Ryun in anything, not because she always plays a villain, but because her acting just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know – her facial expressions and just the way she portrays her character never really won me over.

L is going to appear a lot, and I really hope he improves his acting as the episodes go by, at least. I’m cringing every time he acts angry or upset. There’s just something about the way his face/mouth moves and it just looks like he is ‘acting’ the expression out. Acting should be sort of natural and I think he still has a long way to go.

Kim Jin Woo… I don’t know if it’s just the character which I dislike, or his acting. I’m going for…character I guess? His character really gets on my nerves, and somehow it feels like his acting is bad too.

I’m not sure if Hoya will appear often, but Hoya and L scenes together screams AWKWARD in my face.

There are also some other side characters, like the girl L likes, who is also in Hi School Love On, and she also needs to improve. Her acting is sort of acceptable, but not quite there yet.

So basically, I think the thing this drama needs most right now, is a good and solid plot because hoping for awesome acting is kind of difficult.

Yes, I’m still watching it because like I mentioned, it felt sweet in a way and I sort of like it, so I’m looking past all the acting, as much as possible. So plot, do not fail me.

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One thought on “FIRST IMPRESSION: My Lovely Girl Episode 1 & 2

  1. While I agree with almost everything, in my opinion Krystal cannot act as well. And Krystal and Rain : no chemistry between them whatsoever .

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