REVIEW: My Lovely Girl Episode 3

Alrights, just finished My Lovely Girl Eipsode 3, and nope no recaps or discussion. I actually just drop by to say that I would most probably drop this drama. The first two episodes felt alright, but Episode 3 was boring, and same old recycled stuff from other similar dramas.

I don’t mind if dramas have the same concept – but I really want something to be different, so that it feels sort of refreshing and different, but this drama doesn’t do it for me. I was hoping the plot would save the drama, if the acting doesn’t – but I’m not placing any hopes on the plot anymore. It might still be too early to judge, but I don’t really want to spend my time watching something, hoping it would get better.

Basically, Se Na joins as a trainee, and yes like every other trainee in other rom/musical drama, she is ‘looked down’ by other trainees, and people will start plotting and going against her… and blah blah blah. All of you should know the usual right? It seems that in Episode 4, the ‘bullying’ gets worse, and I’m just giving it one last go. If in Episode 4 I see nothing promising, I would most likely drop this.

I don’t know why these kind of dramas have to always have those conflict??? Can’t they just give us a company where everyone gets along and we feel all warm and fuzzy as they all work hard together to achieve their dreams? Trainees/Newbies being bullied is so mainstream.

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2 thoughts on “REVIEW: My Lovely Girl Episode 3

  1. So, sort of the same boring plot devices that the American show Glee has used, but we get years of it!! Mind numbing years of the same plot devices, over and over.

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