Oct 6: LeeJIN’s Drama Updates

It’s been quite long since I last wrote, so I decided to drop by and just sum it up, and give an update on everything I’m currently watching, and which shows I’m dropping. There’s hasn’t been any drama which made me feel compelled to write about it, and I’m actually kind of sad. It might be because none of the dramas are that addictive or exciting enough, or I’m just too busy, or I’m trying to watch too many dramas at one time, thus unable to fully enjoy myself.

It’s impossible for me to only watch one drama, but yes, I am considering dropping quite a number of dramas, so that I can have more time dedicated to the dramas I am interested in and also maybe have spare time to write more often.

However, deciding which drama to drop is always an issue, and even when I drop one or two dramas, there’s a new drama which sounds too tempting to not try out. Hah.

Anyway, just to sum it up – I have decided to drop Night Watchman & My Lovely Girl.

Not that the dramas are bad, but it’s just that out of all the other dramas I’m watching, it’s the least interesting. I actually did watch Blade Man, but I’m not continuing with it because drama feels weird. My Lovely Girl is sweet, but seems like nothing new or original to offer, so I’m giving it a pass. Night Watchman is getting more ridiculous and I’m kind of tired, so I shall just read recaps to spare my frustrated mind.

High School Love On is actually getting a little boring to me but I’m still sticking with it because Kim Sae Ron. Hah. I do hope the plot quickly moves along.

Surplus Princess is ending this week, which is much earlier than it was supposed to be. I’m sad that it’s ending, but that means one more slot for another drama. Hahaha.

I’m currently also watching OCN’s Reset and Bad Guys – and Reset is not bad. It’s interesting enough, though a little weird and confusing. Bad Guys aired the first episode 2 days ago, and I thought it was good. And I think it will only get better. IT KILLS ME THAT IT ONLY AIRS ONCE A WEEK. URGH.

My Spring Days seems nice enough to watch, but I hope it doesn’t get boring and tiring down the road. The Three Musketeers gets interesting with each new episode.

I haven’t been catching up with Plus Nine Boys, because I simply don’t have time – but will probably catch up with the episodes this week.

Also, I’m watching Secret Door – and it’s also worth watching and I hope it stays this way 🙂 Oh, and I’m still loving My Secret Hotel 🙂

Now, I’m actually considering 2 new dramas – The Greatest Marriage & What Happens To My Family, but not sure if I am able to squeeze those in though. And yes, I’m also going to watch Nodame’s remake too.





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