Oct 24: LeeJIN’s Drama Picks of the Week

There’s been so many dramas popping up, and it’s really hard to keep up with all. Gone were the days where dramas only come from KBS, SBS and MBC. Of course, I totally love cable dramas because since they appear, the dramas are much more better compared to the main broadcasting channels.

Anyway, while squeezing as much drama as I can in whatever free time I have, I’m just here to let you guys know which dramas are my current favorites for the week. It’s funny how some dramas I felt really good about them in the early episodes, but my interest slowly fades – and it’s sad.

LeeJIN Picks:
Liar Game
Modern Farmer
What Happens To My Family
Sound Of The Desert

The first three just aired their first two episodes – and it might be too early to tell, but they did left a good impression on me so I’m hoping it’s awesome throughout. I actually pick up What Happens To My Family a week ago, and ended up marathon-ing the 19 episodes, because IT’S THAT GOOD. SO ADDICTIVE.

Sound of The Desert (Feng Zhong Qi Yuan or known as Da Mo Yao) is a mainland period drama which I wanted to watch since forever, but the drama got delayed for over a year (I think?) and I just realized that it has aired this month. So I practically watched 6 episodes yesterday and continuing with 5 today 🙂 I LOVE MAINLAND PERIOD DRAMAS AND IT’S HU GE AND EDDIE PENG 🙂 🙂 🙂

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