Okay, I didn’t manage to talk much about this drama in my previous first impression post, and I thought it didn’t do the drama justice, so here I am with a separate post 🙂

I really like this drama a lot and it’s really nothing like what I thought it would be. The plot is about a woman who loves two men and her mentality about why is it wrong and can’t she love two men. It’s an affair – and it’s not really a theme I like, and it’s kind of a put-off, but the strange thing is that this drama works it. Amazingly.

The last drama about an affair which I watched was Secret Love Affair, and I drop it soon after because I just didn’t like it. This is just very different. It reminds me a little of One Warm Word, the way that it plays with your beliefs and very thought-intriguing.

At first, I was quite hesitant to watch this. I’m not a fan of Uhm Tae Woong, or the idea of an affair – but I liked Lee Si Young and Lee Soo Hyuk. Of course, it doesn’t mean I’m rooting for this OTP. The drama really isn’t about the OTP and who gets the girl in the end – well, at least to me.

What draws me in is the characters itself, and especially Il Ri. She’s very persistent and talks a lot, yet some of her ideals are very fascinating and she’s positive. She’s the kind of character which will continue to surprise you, and is very unpredictable.

When Hee Tae got her a study room membership, and told her to study. He mentions that for tuition fees, she can work part-time and her mother won’t be having such a hard time. He assumed that she was embarrassed that he found out about her financial situation, to which Il Ri said she’s not.

She mentions that there is no reason for her to be embarrassed of her hard-working mom, but she was just pissed at why is he deciding her future for her and that there is a difference between advice and force. She also mentions that they live only once and she will live for today and that he can worry about the future himself.

It’s very hard to describe Il Ri in one personality. She’s stubborn and talkative, most of the time insensitive and just say everything which comes to her mind, but at other times, she seems very wise and kind.

I really applaud the writer for creating such character and such depth to the story, instead of just a simple affair.

Il Ri’s first love is Hee Tae, and the only guy she knows and dated is only Hee Tae. She liked him while in school and married him the moment he comes back. And they’ve been married for 7 years.

What spark the affair? Probably a sense of curiosity. Il Ri finds Kim Joon cold, and keep trying to get to know him better. Then she starts to wonder what it feels like to sleep with another guy besides her husband.

The affair is not just a moment of lust, it’s much deeper than that.

Anyway, I find the drama really nice so far, and I just can’t wait to see more 🙂


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