FIRST IMPRESSION: Punch Episode 1 – 4


I like this 🙂

I didn’t expect the drama to be good, but the episodes so far were good, well-paced and all the different elements seems to blend in seamlessly.

I think most probably the drama will revolve around politics, but it wasn’t boring at all so far. I’m actually very happy that the writer managed to write out little twists here and there, which actually made the politics a little bit more interesting.

The winning point for me is actually how the drama manages to blend in all the different elements together, yet moves at a pretty good pace.

Jung Hwan is dying. He and Ha Kyung has been on ‘opposing sides’ all along, but when he found out that Ha Kyung was framed by his previous boss, while he was in a coma, he switches side.

So we have politics, a dying lead, and an ex-couple. I’m not interested in the politics, because we all know usually good guy wins. I’m actually interested in seeing how Jung Hwan tries to make amends or fix things before his time is due – and if there is any possibility of him and Ha Kyung to return to how they once were in the limited time he has.

I’m expecting Jung Hwan’s character arc to be the most interesting part of the story since those who watched the first four episodes should know that he’s a total jerk and would do anything to achieve his desired result. I’m really just curious as to how would he change, or if he would change at all?


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