It’s already 2015 and I still have not done a year-end review on dramas which aired in 2014, so I decided to write up the post today 🙂

I don’t think it’s just me – but dramas have been rather boring in 2014, and it’s like a drama slump. I hope we have good, solid dramas in 2015 🙂

Without further ado, I shall just do a review on my favorite picks of the year, and the biggest disappointment. No screencaps though.

2014 Dramas Year-End Review

*doesn’t include any dramas which are still airing at this point of writing. 
*does not include dramas which I didn’t watch/finish watching and still considering to continue watching.

My 2014 Favorites

One Warm Word – It’s actually a late 2013 drama, which ended airing in around Feb 2014. Such a heartwarming drama, full of insights 🙂

God’s Gift 14 Days – Despite the ending and the whole confusion after the drama ended, I won’t lie – the drama was pure addictive right till the end, and it would have been considered really good, if not for the finale.

You Who Came From The Stars – Who could resist??? Also a late 2013 drama which ended around end Feb 2014.

King of High School – So full of cute and sweet. I agree that Lee Hana kind of over-acted, but overall, I liked the drama.


Let’s Eat – AWWWW. It aired around Nov 2013 up till Mar 2014, because it’s only once a week. I love this so much 🙂 The whole structure of the story was awesome and the forever tempting food scenes which makes me hungry always! Not forgetting the awesome casts 🙂

Marriage Not Dating – I loved this. It was funny, and cute and amazing – if not for the boring / crazy second leads. But it’s worth the watch, just for Jang Mi and Gong Ki Tae.

Misaeng – Brought Im Si Wan to new-found fame. Even though he’s pretty well-known already in dramaland, but Misaeng brought him into a whole another level and I’m so proud of him. Loved all the characters, Love everything 🙂 Not really the kind of drama for people who like love-lines or strong plots. Misaeng doesn’t have these, but that’s what made it special and enjoyable for me.

The Three Musketeers – I’m sad they decided not to do a season 2 & 3 for this, unlike what was initially planned. It was pretty good and interesting.

Bride of The Century – At first I thought Hongki was too short to play a male lead, it was awkward. However, the on-screen chemistry with Yang Jin Sung was amazing, and Yang Jin Sung was perfect in her role. The drama itself isn’t really anything to rave about – it’s the hot chemistry which makes it work for me.

Bad Guys  – Another solid drama from OCN. It wasn’t as bad-ass as I wanted it to be, but it was pretty good. Speaking of which, when is OCN ever going to give me Vampire Prosecutor S3 😦

2014 Notable Mentions

Joseon Gunman

Empress Ki – Emperor Ta Hwan ❤ 

Fated To Love You – Loved this remake 🙂 It did not do injustice to the tw-version. 

Mama – Pretty lengthy and dramatic, but it’s kind of sweet…and sad. 

It’s Okay, It’s Love

Modern Farmer – Funnier than I expected, with good acting from fresh faces 🙂

My Secret Hotel

Plus Nine Boys


The Forgettable

3 Days

You’re All Surrounded

Beyond the Clouds

Surplus Mermaid

A New Leaf

Gap Dong

Big Man


The Disappointment / The Crazy

Dr Stranger

Emergency Couple

Endless Love

Angel Eyes

Secret Door

Hotel King

The Night Watchman

High School Love On

Inspiring Generation

Bel Ami

Naeil’s Cantabile – SUCH A BAD REMAKE!!!! Didn’t do justice to the j-version. I’m upset and appalled. 


That’s it – these are just my opinions and what I find good/bad. There’s probably quite a number of dramas not included because I never managed to finish them, but I am still intending on finishing them…someday.

I also did not include any currently airing dramas, because the drama has not yet finish airing and we never know what will happen in the 2nd half of a drama.

Anyway, looking at the year, there’s wasn’t a lot of good solid dramas 😦 I hope 2015 have better, stronger dramas 🙂

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