FIRST IMPRESSION: Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 1 & 2


Hyde, Jekyll, Me has aired the first two episodes and it got mixed reactions from viewers. I know that people can’t help but to compare it with Kill Me Heal Me (KMHM), and yes – I’m guilty of comparing them too.

You can’t help but compare when two currently airing dramas have a male lead with the same disorder. I’m just going to be guilty of comparing them now after watching 2 episodes. But going forward, I’m not going to compare them anymore.

Personally, I didn’t think the first two episodes were that engaging. It’s not exactly boring, but it’s not that exciting either. I feel like I’m in between and unsure if the drama will remain that way, or will pick up in intensity.


vlcsnap-2015-01-25-13h32m24s89vlcsnap-2015-01-25-13h32m13s233vlcsnap-2015-01-25-13h32m18s33Did you feel a spark?

Sadly, I didn’t. I don’t feel the chemistry between Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min yet, and their scenes don’t give me the flutters. Maybe I need time to warm up to them on-screen?

And from the first two episodes, there isn’t anything to rave about their acting performances yet. Hyun Bin has acted as an arrogant lead before, and right now, the role feels safe. I do hope that future episodes, his character have more intensity so that we can see Hyun Bin rocking out his role.

I’m not really a fan of Han Ji Min. I don’t hate her – but her on-screen presence gives a certain kind of aura. She feels like ice princess, you know? Hahahahaha. She’s the kind of actress I can’t imagine doing a romantic comedy. Of course, I’m not saying she’s a bad actress. She’s not.

I do hope that future episodes show us more depth to the characters, because it would be more enjoyable to watch.


And his alter ego, Robin appeared 🙂 We would have to wait for the next episode, to see if things pick up and hopefully it would.

Right now what I want from this drama – is a strong story and characters. It’s definitely not the kind of drama that I would watch for the OTP despite nonsensical story plot.

There has been at least 1 or 2 nonsensical dramas I watched despite bad plot and etc, just for the OTP because it’s worth it. But this doesn’t fall into that category because I’m not feeling the OTP.

So I’m hoping that there is a strong solid plot, not just a male lead who is sick and a female lead who falls in love with him. And of course, strong characters so that we can see both Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min rocking their roles.

As for comparing it to KMHM, it’s inevitable. Obviously I prefer KMHM, but the game has not ended yet because we still have many more episodes to go. We never know what happens until the last episode airs.

I remembered when Who Are You and Master Sun came out – both were about female leads who can see ghosts. I preferred Who Are You over Master Sun initially, but after watching through the 2nd half – I preferred Master Sun over the other.

I do not want KMHM to go bad, because it’s so awesome – but I hope that Hyde Jekyll Me could be good too in their own way. So going forward, I’m not going to compare the two dramas.

Okay – back to topic.

One thing which kind of bothered me though was the title of the drama and it’s reference to Jekyll and Hyde. I know that it’s about multiple disorders, and usually when people use it as a reference it means two distinct personalities.

This also means that the character must have two total opposite sides. Right now, Seo Jin is arrogant, but he is not evil. Is he the personality Hyde? And Robin is Jekyll? Or is it the other way round?

If the drama is going to use Hyde and Jekyll as a reference, I do hope that we really get to see two completely different sides of Hyun Bin. I don’t really want an arrogant Seo Jin who falls in love with Ha Na and a kindhearted Robin who also falls in love with Ha Na. If there is going to be an ‘evil’ side, I hope that character is downright evil, and I think it would be pretty interesting to see how things play out.

Okay – those are just my personal opinions anyway. Hahahaha. That’s it for now. Hopefully the next episode picks up a little 🙂


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2 thoughts on “FIRST IMPRESSION: Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 1 & 2

  1. It’s hard for not comparing between Hyde Jekyll Me and Kill Me Heal Me even though i prefer KMHM so far. But still… i want to see Hyunbin’s face lol 😂

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