POV DISCUSSION: Blood Episode 6


Alrights. I didn’t post discussions on Episode 4 or 5 – but I’m just going to lump it all up in this post. It’s going to be the same for future episodes because doing discussion for every episode, or every two episode is a little difficult.

Anyway, I think the story is starting to pick up a little and it’s still keeping my interest firm in place. It’s sad how much negativity surrounds the drama itself due to the casts, but honestly, I thought the story is pretty decent.


We find out a little bit more about Jae Wook. He was originally a doctor, and while experimenting with his mentor, he took the sample and turned into a vampire.

A few questions though – does this mean that this whole infection virus is actually an experiment Jae Wook started with his mentor? Or was it already a virus and they were experimenting it?

We know that at first Jae Wook started with an innocent thought – he wants everyone to live. Most likely he was affected by the young kid who fell to her death (I think? Unless that kid survive and is the Nun). However, that desire soon became greed and I’m not sure if he wants to grant everyone eternal life, or he wants to be powerful by controlling lives.

As for the experiment they are doing now and how Rita’s uncle is supporting him – I wonder if its because her uncle is sick and maybe dying. Maybe he wants to live longer – or be stronger, thus supporting Jae Wook.

And his curiosity over Ji Sang – I think I get it. Ji Sang is a pure vampire. He was practically born a vampire, unlike all the others who were infected. Jae Wook is probably curious as to how powerful or how different Ji Sang is from the infected vampires, and how would he affect their plans. Because if Jae Wook is planning to be the most powerful, clearly, Ji Sang would likely be more powerful than he is. And there isn’t any poison/medicine which could kill Ji Sang yet. The medicine which killed his mother made him stronger instead.

Strange though – at the end of episode 6 when the other vampires tried to kill Ji Sang, I think they intended to pierce through his heart. Will that work? We know that Jae Wook made use of the vampires to get Ji Sang on his side, but I’m left wondering that if piercing through their hearts would kill the vampire?

If that would kill them……. then… hmmmm… doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose of all those poison or what so ever?

Which makes me think back on how did the other vampires die? We know most died by having the same stuff which Ji Sang’s mother injected into them – but the last scene in this episode showed that Jae Wook bit one of them to death, and pierced the other on his stomach. Most probably they died – which brings back to the same point – how do the vampires die?

If they can self-heal, what kind of injuries would kill them? Unless there is a limitation on how much infected vampires can self-heal.

And just a random thought though… if Jae Wook is so curious about pure vampires so much, why not make his own? Hahahaha.

Oh – and I’m wondering if Jae Wook is actually an infected vampire, or is he different? He took the sample and became a vampire, but what if it doesn’t last and he have to keep taking it to keep being a vampire?

Okay – enough about vampire talk.

vlcsnap-2015-03-04-17h37m29s68vlcsnap-2015-03-04-17h38m36s228vlcsnap-2015-03-04-17h38m56s169vlcsnap-2015-03-04-17h39m46s161Plenty of OTP moments in the last few episodes, and I’m happy that their relationship is not as rough as it started because it just showed both actors acting limitations anyway and made the whole thing awkward.

Goo Hye Sun looking prettier with her choice of clothes – and I like her hair when she lets it down.

Her character is no longer as irritating as it started, and I don’t really feel awkward anymore watching her character. But that’s for awkwardness – it doesn’t mean I’m convinced by the character.

Honestly, I don’t find myself being absorbed by the characters – both Rita and Ji Sang. As much as I want to let myself be absorb, I can’t because both actors are not convincing enough. It’s definitely an acting limitation – and I don’t blame the actors because it’s really not their fault.

I’m taking it positively though – hoping that they would learn and grow from this, especially Ahn Jae Hyun since it’s his first leading role.

Honestly, I find the story line pretty decent. If the casts were different, perhaps the drama would have made a good positive buzz instead of the negativity around it now. And I won’t lie, sometimes I do wished they had chosen a more suitable cast instead and my watching experience would have been elevated by leaps and bounds.

But hey since it’s already been done – I’m doing my best every episode to look past all the acting limitations and watch for the story and cute. It’s still pretty decent 🙂

Anyway, drama please bring on more cute and interactions please! Many, many of them!

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3 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Blood Episode 6

  1. I like your vampire-related observations, and I also wonder about whether talking about a more suitable cast, you mean all the cast, including Ji Jin-hee, or only the main leads…

    1. specifically the main leads? They’re alright – but if better actors were cast instead, it might have been better. Or even if at least one main lead was better, it wouldn’t have been such a big hooha at the beginning i guess?

      Don’t misunderstand though -i don’t hate the main leads! I personally love ahn jae hyun and i never thought hye sun is a bad actress.

      as for the other characters – we need to see them first, and their purpose in the story. i don’t think the drama flesh out the other characters yet ^^

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