I haven’t been updating for quite some time, right? I’m so sorry – there are so many dramas, and I hardly have time – plus I’m actually having a slump period right now. I don’t really feel like writing about anything 😦

However, I thought that I must at least update something so here I am. I recently finished watching Ho Gu’s Love and it was such a nice and sweet drama 🙂 Not just that, but over the past few weeks, I finished Heart to Heart and Spy as well. I really wanted to do a write up for these dramas, but like I said, I’m kind of in a slump and I don’t really feel like writing.

I’m not sure when I would do a write up again, but hopefully I would, soon. All I need is a drama strong enough to make me want to write about it.

Just a brief update, out of the newer airing dramas, Angry Mom is my top favorite. And everyone!!! Let’s Eat Season 2 will be airing on Monday :’)

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