20 April: LeeJIN’s Current Drama Rankings

It’s been such a long while since I last posted on my last drama rankings, hasn’t it? There are so many dramas airing right now, and I’m trying to watch quite a number of them, so I barely had time to write.

Unlike previous rankings, I would separate them into mon-tue, wed-thu, fri/sat/sun as there are way too many dramas and it’s hard for me to actually pick a top favorite.

1 – Hwajung
2 – Blood
3 – Heard it through the grapevine
4 – Let’s Eat S2

1 – Angry Mom
2 – Sensory Couple
3 – The Lovers
4 – Unkind Women

Fri / Sat / Sun
1 – Missing Noir M
2 – Fall in love with Soon Jung
3 – My Unfortunate Boyfriend
4 – Superdaddy Yeol
5 – Bluebird House
6 – Queen Flower

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