Blood has finally finished airing and there is just so much to say. I’m not sure how others felt, but I hated the ending.

I know that Blood has been getting bad reviews since it started, and while I do agree the acting is not up to expectations and the story line not really great – it was still somehow, weirdly, watchable.

I expected at least a decent ending, but the ending was beyond terrible. I want my 20 hours back.


Okay – first of all, let’s talk about the ending. Park Ji Sang is supposedly dead, but somehow, he appeared again in the end.


This is not an open ending. This is a ridiculous ending which makes no sense, no matter which angle we’re looking at it from.

Let’s talk about the drama as a whole.

Weak Characters

First of all – it had too many unneeded characters. When it first started, we had a couple of doctors, but all of them vanished into thin air and no one knows what happened to them. If you’re not going to develop the characters, don’t introduce so many!

Woo Il-Nam, Gerrard Kim, Lee Ho-Yong – what happened to these doctors??? Did they die? I watched the drama from episode one but I can’t recall if any of them actually died, or if there was any explanation on why all of them just didn’t appear anymore.

Seo Hye-Ri, the Vampire Doctor (can’t recall his name), and all the other vampires. If you’re going to have a bad-ass in the show, make sure they are bad enough. The drama had a lot of baddies, but none of them are bad enough.

I actually liked Seo Hye Ri, and I wished they just stick with her and made her a little more evil instead of killing her off. Maybe they could have made her character to manage to inject Jae Wook’s blood into herself and turn her into a vampire as well. Then we could have a show-off between her and Jae Wook. It would have made things more fun and interesting.

The other vampires, Chul Hoon and J should have been given a little more development instead of only appearing to kill or harm the people around Ji Sang.

Min Ga Yeon, was supposedly the plot twist as she was a vampire – but this plot twist was so boring! I get it that her character is nice, but that’s not how you do a plot twist 😦 It would have been much better if she is just as bad-ass as Jae Wook and go against Ji Sang.

Overall, they had the characters but failed to make use of them, or develop them to their full potential. It’s a waste of characters, and having too much characters with too little development will only make the characters forgettable.

Weak Storyline and Poor execution 

The idea they had – vampires and a virus, is not bad. It’s different, and interesting. However, the execution of the whole drama was below average.

First of all, we had Ji Sang doing surgeries and I like that bit because I like medical dramas. However, his character was weak against blood and I never see him doing surgery anymore 😦 His character still did surgery of course, but the drama no longer shows anything about surgery anymore.

The drama totally forget about all the other normal humans who are sick – but focus all their attention on patients in the ward 21A. Of course, considering this isn’t exactly a medical drama, I understand – but I was still sad there were no more normal cases of people being ill.

The virus – I can understand parts of it – but towards the end when they were finding the cure or vaccine, it’s like as though they were speaking in some nonsensical language I cannot understand. Well, basically of course it doesn’t make sense because this virus does not exist in reality, but I think the writer is confused as to what virus she’s creating also in the drama.

I still have no idea what Jae Wook experiment was trying to aim at – and if it was to cure humans, then what kind of cure did Ji Sang team came up with? And if it was the same thing, then why are they fighting so much?

Anyway they mentioned towards the end that something needs to be cultivated inside Ji Sang’s body and it will become a perfect cure. Okayyyyyyyy.

The Ending

Let’s get to the ending. So the cure is supposed to be something which will be cultivated inside Ji Sang’s body. Now my question is – if he had died, by rights, the people in the ward all should have been cured, and there shouldn’t be anymore infected living anywhere.

But…. he didn’t die?

So…. what happened to all the infected in the ward?

If I backtrack a little, I remember Ji Tae saying that Ji Sang is different from all the other infected, and we all know it too. He also mentioned that even without a heart, Ji Sang could still live as it was his blood which makes him alive, not his heart. And also the drama mentioned something about vampires dying for 1 to 2 days and then wake up again.

Now question, so let’s say he initially died and they manage to get the whatever cure from his body, so they…. didn’t bury his body?

Just how is he alive?!

Unless you’re telling me he died, they get the cure from his body, bury his body and he came back alive.


But what happened to curing all the infected? They didn’t mention about the infected being cured and we have no idea if the cure is supposed to turn them back into their original state (with their initial sickness), or completely cured from all sickness.

There are so many question marks and I don’t even know how to list everything down. And did Jae Wook die of old age or what?

The Acting

I’m not going to talk a lot about this one because so many have been said by everyone. It was a nice attempt by Ahn Jae Hyun, but sadly, he is still not ready for a lead role. Maybe it just wasn’t the right role. Whatever it is, I hope he takes this as experience and don’t feel too upset about all the criticism. He should use this chance instead to choose more suitable roles to improve his acting and experience, before landing another lead role.

As for Goo Hye Sun, no doubt she was awkward at the first few episodes. It gradually got better, but too bad her character was kind of flat and we can’t blame her for that.


Well, overall – it’s like everything is lacking. They had the potential, but didn’t make use of it. Of course, not everything is bad. There were good moments of course, if not, I would have dropped it long ago.

It’s like you know the feeling like it’s not awesome, but it’s not too bad…. but the ending totally turned it into something I felt like I shouldn’t have even watched in the first place, because I spent 20 hours on it and the ending is so *facepalm*.


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15 thoughts on “FINAL REVIEW: Blood

  1. I agree with just about everything you said. The ending really hurt this show. I was so ticked at the death fake out for the reasons you said, but also there is NO REASON for Ji Sang to keep his being alive a secret from Ri Ta. Gah.

  2. You are right, despite all the negative comments when the show started, it is still weirdly watchable. Then the terrible ending happened. Everything sucks. Maybe the writer got confused and didn’t know how to end it so everyone just gave up.

      1. After watching this, I remembered Big from the Hong Sisters (writer), the ending of that kdrama sucks as well, they got trapped in their brilliant plot and they didn’t know how to end it but still, at least, it had an open-ending. Not like this. I feel betrayed!

  3. If everyone had paid attention, they said the result of what Hyun Woo’s experiment before he died was it would strengthen a strong blood of a dying infectee who is Ji sang. Only he can handle pain because his blood is stronger than the other infectees. That’s why he begged to use the experiment on him at the end in the lab and the chief didn’t want it because he believe it’s just a theory. Because this cure can be used on a dying or already dead infectee, it’s possible that in the end the experimented theory was perfected and he survived but they’re not gonna spoil the movie for you. In the end, it was for everyone to figure out. *raised hand* I paid attention or at least I think I’m close enough to what their intentions were. =)

  4. Well, I guess…It depends on the actor and actress on how they will interpret the characters. As I have watched the first 4 episodes of blood I saw nothing to be criticized in it..Just focus on every characters and you will understand why they’re kinda like that…all you have to have is deeper understanding.

  5. I just started watching this drama after marriage news… I’ve never watched it, cause there’s a lot articles about bad acting…. gosh.. I’m regretting my decision to watch this drama …. trough the whole episodes I keep thinking they might be a good ending… but damn… urgggghhhh…

  6. Everything you said is true. Why did I watched this kind of drama. Omy gosh I wasted my time. Bad acting, bad story. oh my!!

  7. I have watched this drama 5 times now, but i feel so betrayed and disappointed watching it, the parts that stunned me the most is the death of hyun woon which i cried nonestop, secondly the sad and weirdy ending of the drama. Though it touches my heart to the extent that i went to internet to ask google if vampires do exist… guest the result?…it is real, but i feel so betrayed and stunned at the ending.

  8. Weirdly, despite all the problems, I still enjoyed this series. I mean, yes, I saw all the plot holes and the ending didn’t make a huge amount of sense, but I did not think that the acting was bad at all. In fact, I thought the tiny expressions and subtlety of emotion that Ahn Jae Hung displayed was really moving and well done. He was portraying a character that had to stay calm and in control, yet he still managed to convey the vampire’s emotions clearly. That takes serious chops.

    The ending… needed another hour or two of explanation. I feel like the series was cut down suddenly, maybe because of the bad reviews. I also do wonder what happened to the other doctors. Did those subplots get cut for the same reason? It was odd. But, still, I don’t regret watching it. It was a fun ride.

  9. Hi ! I’ve watched this too and (even though I know it has some flaws) I loved it. I’ll just share to you what I thought of “the ending”.

    It is brilliant (only when my understanding is correct!). It was said that VTH-16 does not work because it kills not only the virus but also Ji Sang’s cells. So it will be effective if it can only differentiate cells from the virus.
    Due to an accident, Hyun Woo discovered that a certain substance (that appear/develop in the blood after the infected person is dead) envelopes the cells. But VTH-16 can still detect the cells, so the envelope must be upgraded/strengthened. And here come something J**-01 that makes the envelope strong….VTH-16 can now destroy the virus and can maybe optimize its antibody that binds to the virus…. resulting to the VTH-17.
    So Ji Sang’s blood will not be eliminated. Since Ji Sang’s blood is unique (due to suspected mutations), and essentially has an antibody function, it may heal his heart. Hence, it is possible that he will be alive.

    The question that bothers me is this. Is Ji Sang’s blood the main factor in keeping him immprtal or is it the virus? It may be his blood cause of its antibody function.

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