LeeJIN’s Drama Updates / Reviews

It’s been so long since I’ve last posted and honestly there are so many new dramas which I still didn’t write up yet. Well, since I have a little free time today, I shall write up a bit on the dramas I’m currently watching right now.

Who Are You School 2015 & Hwajung will be posted in a separate article as I have quite a bit of things to talk about.

This post will mainly consist of Let’s Eat 2, Heard it through the Grapevine, Angry Mom, Sensory Couple, Fall in love with Soonjung, My Unfortunate Boyfriend.

Let’s Eat Season 2

vlcsnap-2015-05-14-08h32m47s132I’m honestly disappointed with the second season because the focus on the drama is vastly different from the first season. There are too many supporting characters in Season 2 and it’s kind of a distraction at times. And even though they have many side characters, none of the characters are strong enough in personality to make the show interesting.

In the previous season, the characters were unique and made the drama very fun and engaging to watch. In this season however, the characters are disappointing.

But the biggest disappointment has to be the lack of food scenes. Season 1 was literally like a food commercial, but in this season, there wasn’t as many food scenes – and their food scenes are not as fun as season 1.

I’m sad 😦

Heard it through the Grapevine

vlcsnap-2015-05-14-08h32m01s186I have a hate-love relationship with this drama. When it first aired, I liked it. It was unique and the house is gorgeous and the characters funny. Somewhere along the way, I find it boring and draggy – then for a short moment it was funny again and then boring again.

It’s not a bad drama – in fact it’s pretty unique. However, maybe there are too many episodes, it feels like the drama is quite draggy and most of the times I can’t relate with the story.

I’m not really sure what to talk about either when people ask me about the story. It just feels weird as a whole.

Angry Mom

vlcsnap-2015-05-14-08h37m26s104Angry Mom has ended! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I’m going to miss all the Bok Dong and Bang Wool moments. I loved Angry Mom a lot but I felt that it was missing something.

It was nice and good, but lack the extra ‘omph’ to make it something really extraordinary. Nonetheless, it was still a good drama overall and besides we all get to see a rookie stealing hearts and getting praises so it’s really a good thing.

I’m glad romance wasn’t a big thing in the drama, because it would have only been a distraction. The cute moments of Bok Dong’s one-sided crush was sufficient.

Personally, I found the plot quite average – but the set-up of a mother going undercover in school is a pretty fun idea actually. What makes the drama works here, is really the characters. All of them ❤

Sensory Couple

vlcsnap-2015-05-14-08h33m17s179I’m still amaze that this drama is actually fun to watch. I was so hesitant in watching it because of the leads. It’s reaching the last stretch to I’m holding all my comments till the finale air because we never know what might happen in a k-drama.

However so far, it was pretty watchable and I think Shin Se Kyung and Yoochun are not that bad in their roles.

I don’t really feel the chemistry though in the drama – but oh wells.

Fall In Love With Soonjung

vlcsnap-2015-05-14-08h34m37s207I love this. It’s like as though I’m going for a ride. It seems tense and serious at some moments, then all of a sudden it turns into something comedy and I crack up.

The ending is pretty predictable – we know who would win in the end but still it’s fun to watch this. However, I still can’t get this bad feeling to go away.

Min Ho has a heart transplant right? I just hope the drama won’t make him ill at the end, and die or something – because that’s a huge slap to the face and I’m going to smack my laptop screen if that happens.

Please don’t go there drama.

My Unfortunate Boyfriend

vlcsnap-2015-05-14-08h35m39s61Jin Sung is magic. I love her ❤

This drama is actually quite watchable. The plot and everything is honestly just average, but I think Jin Sung is really endearing on screen.

And thankfully No Min Woo is playing a normal guy in this drama – but seriously though, he is really so thin! EAT MORE!!!


Okay that’s about it for this post. There hasn’t been a blow-away drama since Kill Me Heal Me and I’m pretty upset about it. DRAMALAND, WHERE DID ALL THE AWESOME DRAMAS GO TO TT_TT

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