Okay – I’ve watched the first two episodes of Warm & Cozy and…. I loved it 🙂

The first two episodes were easy going and I love the characters already ❤ Not to mentioned that it’s filmed in Jeju Island – and I just love everything.

Gun Woo and Jung Joo looked like they will become close friends while living in Jeju Island and I’m looking forward to more moments of them together. However Gun Woo has the wrong impression that Jung Joo is dying, so I believe that’s why he’s extra nice to her. However, it doesn’t mean he’s not a naturally a nice person. From the looks of it, he’s pretty friendly and kind.

There is something which is not yet revealed – the fact about whether Gun Woo’s is really Jung Joo’s mom. In the first episode, we saw that his mother was telling Gun Woo something, which left him shocked before she went back and looked at the picture of her and another man (assuming that is Jung Joo’s dad).

However they can’t be siblings – so it’s either Gun Woo is not her real son and Jung Joo is – or there is probably something else which we will find out later.

As of now, I’ll sit back and enjoy the drama ❤

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