June 6: LeeJIN’s Current Drama Ranking

It’s been a super long time hasn’t it? I’m planning to post a few things in the next two days 🙂 but right now, I’m just going to post about my current drama rankings. Masked Prosecutor & Mask are not included as I have not watched beyond the first episode yet.

1 – Warm & Cozy

2 – Ex-Girlfriend Club

3 – School 2015

4 – Let’s Eat 2

5 – Hwajung

6 – The Lovers

7 – Orange Marmalade


The first two episodes of Orange Marmalade was fun but sadly, the drama deviate from the webtoon too much and the pacing was too quick. In addition, the three different settings (present, historical, future) is kind of ridiculous and I don’t even understand what they are trying to do anymore.

*Separate posts will be up for Warm & Cozy, Ex-Girlfriend Club and School 2015 in the next two days 🙂

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