POV DISCUSSION: School 2015 (Mid-Review)


Okay, I’m back with a mid-review for School 2015. I continue to have a love-hate relationship with the drama, but it’s not all that bad. I like it, but parts of it makes it so frustrating for me as a viewer.

I honestly wish that it wasn’t considered one of the School-series, but just a separate drama about high school students. Honestly, I never watched any School-series besides School 2013, but even so, this drama really doesn’t feel like it focuses on a lot of students in high school.

Yes, it is centered around students in a high school, but seriously the plot and set-up – not everything is realistic and some are a little far-fetched.


Let’s talk about the drama progress first – so Eun Byul is not dead, and she has returned home. She got the scar when she was meeting Soo In’s bully – and yes she did ignore Soo In when Soo In was bullied.

Next point – It wasn’t her fault Soo In died. Soo In died because of some ‘sickness’ and no one noticed. Eun Byul discovered the body at night. Min Young (Soo In’s sister) is back in the school for revenge.

So Young asked her dad to transfer out Eun Bi, Yi An finally accepts Eun Bi as Eun Bi and Taekwang confesses to Eun Bi.

First of all – how did Soo In die?

I understand that she died during lesson, but no one noticed as no one was paying any attention to her. If that’s the reason why Min Young is seeking revenge it’s stupid. We also sort of understand that the school sort of manipulate the time of death.

From what I can understand is that – since she died during lesson, public backlash would be strong as to why aren’t teachers paying attention to students, etc. So most probably Jae Ho covered up the death in school (made it low-key) and manipulated the time of death.

As to why the family is seeking revenge – I understand that they may be upset that no one noticed Soo In is not feeling well and the school even kept the death low-key – but this is not enough of a strong reason to actually go for revenge.

Unless you are telling me there is more to Soo In death, it doesn’t make sense that this is such a big deal. So I’m assuming that maybe Soo In was poisoned or something.

Anyway, now Eun Byul is back and from the preview for tonight’s episode, it seems that she will go back to school (not Eun Bi) and maybe threaten Jae Ho regarding her force transfer.  She would also be facing So Young, as Eun Byul.

So let’s say that Eun Byul was at the bridge and she jumped in to save Eun Bi. She placed her scarf with Eun Bi so that when Eun Bi was discovered, she became ‘Eun Byul’. In the meantime, Eun Byul was somewhere doing something. So in conclusion, the body which was found at the river days later is probably another random person.

But why did Eun Byul have to hide? What was it that she was looking for? Soo In’s death?

*sidetrack* Now that she’s back though – who am I supposed to ship…..

Okay that’s regarding the progress of the drama. Let’s discuss about how I feel about it.

Firstly, the revenge was lame. Locking Eun Bi inside the classroom….was the best she could think off? I mean even so, I didn’t really see a need for Eun Bi to be so scared because I mean literally… it’s just a locked classroom. A few hours later and it would be opened anyway?

And I don’t like how the story is actually progressing. The whole plot feels like a mess and I don’t know what the drama wants to focus on anymore.

We have several issues on hand. Eun Bi disguised as Eun Byul, So Young trying to get Eun Bi kicked out, Soo In’s death, Yi An and Taekwang. I wished that the drama had only choose to focus on one thing and do its best with it. It feels like the drama wants to try a little of everything and it’s so messed up right now.

What I wanted was Eun Bi to actually grow stronger, make new friends, and treasure life – and at the same time, brave enough to go against So Young no matter what. That even though if it was revealed she wasn’t Eun Byul, her new-found friends would never forsake her and would stay by her side.

But there was the Soo In mystery. So I wished that if there was going to be a mystery, it should be bad-ass and at least keep us on our toes – but it’s been pretty meh lately.

As to Yi An and Taekwang – there was a time I was irritated because it seems like Eun Bi was just sticking to Yi An and ‘neglecting’ Taekwang. I was upset at first at Yi An who kept preventing Taekwang from talking to Eun Bi, but then looking from another viewpoint, it sort of make sense because Eun Byul and Taekwang were never on talking terms in the first place and Yi An might have been wary of his intentions. However, I had really wished Eun Bi had stayed by Taekwang because after all Taekwang was there for her and they’re friends!

But oh well, that has passed.

Putting all of this aside, the drama has too little focus on the other students, and when they do – it’s random.

We had the random Shi Jin moment when she was forced to attend tuition with the more intelligent kids, and recently the Min Joon moment.


This is probably the most frustrating part for me as a viewer, the plot is too messy and there are too many random moments. The writer needs to stop trying to do a little of everything. Instead choose something she really wants to show and focus at it. It would have been much better in my opinion.

If we do a little comparing, School 2013 was down-to-earth, very simple and clear cut – but it was really awesome. There’s no love lines, but we could really relate to the students and it focuses on the characters nicely, even the supporting ones.

But School 2015 has too many manipulative moments, but too little characters development. Am I the only one who thinks Lee Pil Mo is so wasted on this drama???

Okay – so that’s my overall thoughts on how the drama is progressing. I do love the OTP moments (no matter which ship I board), and some little random moments, but plot wise, I really find it frustrating and wish the drama stick to one thing instead of doing everything with a lackluster result.

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One thought on “POV DISCUSSION: School 2015 (Mid-Review)

  1. I honestly think it’ll all be solved once Gong Tae Kwang’s father confesses. That seems to be the thing holding the drama back atm.

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