[Quick Discussion] I Remember You

I haven’t been updating much, I know TT_TT

There’s so much I wanna say about the current dramas but I just can’t find enough time to write about them. Thankfully, I have some spare time right now and I’m just going to post some quick discussions on some dramas airing right now 🙂

First up will be I Remember You 🙂

I’ve been steadily enjoying the drama, but honestly, the pace felt a little slow for me. Or maybe it’s not the pace, but the subplots. I like the whole mystery thing, like, whether or not Lee Joon Young is still alive – or why Min became a killer (or if he really is one).

However, so far, the crimes that we have came across wasn’t that awesome or anything special. I really love my crime dramas to be all slick and stuff like that (e.g. Heartless City, My Beautiful Bride) but IRY crimes are not that interesting. They are considerably boring. The only interesting crime is the mystery itself.

However, despite that lacking part, I’m happy that we are finally seeing some development in our OTP! I’ve been waiting for it for so long!!!

Hopefully that there would be more OTP moments to come in future, and seriously Chun Hee needs a stronger presence in the drama. I love him a lot but his role seems kind of bland as of now.

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