[Quick Discussion] High Society

Did I ever write up a post on High Society…? I don’t remember doing so – anyway back here with a quick discussion on High Society.

This was a drama that I was really excited for, before it aired, and I absolutely loved the teasers. However, after watching the drama itself, I kind of have mixed feelings about it. The drama itself isn’t bad – but there’s just something about it which makes me ‘feel a little sick’ (Sorry, I can’t find a word to describe the feeling) watching it.

Honestly, I would have stopped watching this way back – but the only reason why I am still hanging on is because I totally love the characters Ji Yi and Chang Soo. Ji Yi is just golden and she should be a female lead example and more dramas should have these kinds of leading ladies.

Anyway, why I just can’t love the drama as a whole is because I totally cannot find myself rooting for Yoon Ha and Joon Ki. While watching the teasers, it looks like they had explosive chemistry – but WHY?!

Watching the drama itself, their love line feels totally flat – it was boring.

Personally for me, I feel that maybe part of the reason is because of Uee’s portrayal of Yoon Ha. I’ve watched a couple of dramas with Uee in it and it never really crossed my mind that she’s bad at acting – but I think this role might be a bit too much for her. I’m not exactly saying she’s bad, but her portrayal as Yoon Ha is not really convincing – to me as a viewer. I don’t feel her character.

And I feel bad for Sung Joon. Sung Joon’s acting style have been pretty consistent with his choices of roles and dramas, but I don’t find him bad at it. I think he does pretty okay for an actor and he usually blends in his role quite well. But put him opposite Uee in this drama, it feels like I’m watching two stiff people acting out a loveline when there is no love to speak of.

I don’t know how to say it – but their whole loveline story seems just wrong from the very start.

It doesn’t help when the supporting couple is actually much more interesting than them. I love Chang Soo and Ji Yi!

The character Chang Soo is great. I love it that he has an innocent side to him, yet proud of his own power and won’t hesitate to use it against others. Unlike other rich male characters who just drop everything and go to the woman they love, I like the fact that Chang Soo, himself doesn’t find it that easy to do. It’s more realistic, and more interesting to watch.

I also like the fact that his character didn’t do a complete transformation after finding out about Joon Ki and get him for revenge or anything like that. He does things in moderation, I should say?

Park Hyung Shik is doing a completely amazing job portraying Chang Soo and I personally feel this is his golden ticket to going up the acting route. His role in What’s with this family was good too – but this role really does wonder for him. Everything from his hairstyle, his dressing, his way of talking, his smirk or smile is just perfect.

Ji Yi is also such an amazing character. She may be poor – but she is ‘street smart’. She has a great sense, logical and rational – and I just love her to bits. She doesn’t indulge in self-pity, and takes pride in living the best she can – which is really nice to see, because the last thing I want to see is a female character who wallows in self-pity. She does cry of course when she is upset, but she doesn’t let it affect her daily life. Breaking up is not the end of the world.

This is my first time seeing Im Ji Yeon in anything, as this is her first drama role and she only acted in movies before this. I know she did an adult film, but that shouldn’t bother anyone. I probably won’t go and watch the movie – but I would definitely want to see her again in dramaland! She’s great!!!

Anyway – so overall, basically I don’t really feel much for the drama. I am solely watching it for Chang Soo and Ji Yi and I can’t wait to see Chang Soo’s mom giving up and falling for Ji Yi. PLEASE MAKE THAT HAPPEN DRAMA!

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9 thoughts on “[Quick Discussion] High Society

  1. I gave up on this drama b/c I just cannot connect with the leads, partially for the reasons you mentioned and partially b/c of the way the lead characters are written. I also adore Ji Yi and Chang Soo and they’re the only reasons I watched more than two episodes and still read the recaps.

  2. I am so with you on your analysis of the drama. After ep 2. Im like yea..i am not wasting 16 hours of this….i read the recaps when i am extremely bored, but i just could not connect with the actors except the 2nd leads and this is just from reading the recaps than watching. Even on writing the leads are still aggregativing…oh wells. Hehe

  3. Omg! I totally agree. I really can’t stand the leading couple. Actually their whole relationship is wrong. How can someone take advantage of you and you still defend them? PSH! It makes her weak and it makes me angry. I can’t connect to her at all. I am finishing it up just for our second lead! Woooohooooo!!😍😍😍😍

    1. yup i don’t understand her either. it would have been so much better if both joon ki and yoon ha were not as weak. if joon ki was a little more evil, and yoon ha went for a complete change then maybe it would have been more interesting. But oh wells 😦

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