July 24th: LeeJIN’s Current Drama Ranking

1 – Oh My Ghost
2 – I Remember You
3 – My Beautiful Bride
4 – Scholar Who Walks The Night
5 – Mask
6 – The Time We Were Not In Love
7 – High Society

Dropped Hidden Identity. There were too many dramas, and I realized that I need to cut down on trying to watch everything. Besides, My Beautiful Bride is doing a good job in being bad-ass and slick, so dropping Hidden Identity isn’t a loss for me. It didn’t manage to generate enough interest in me either to hold on.

I Remember You is honestly getting better – and by that I mean there are more OTP moments which I really appreciate. Since the crimes are not that interesting (besides the main mystery), the least they could do is have OTP moments. The best part about it is that the OTP moments are very subtle and not the usual kind we see in k-dramas. Very little small gestures between them are very romantic and sweet (The moment when he held her hands was seriously 🙂 ) and we don’t really need a kiss to feel butterflies in our stomach (though a proper kiss will be icing on a cake, and i mean proper kiss!).

Scholar Who Walks The Night is not bad, though I find the vampire portion a little cringe-worthy. There is so much pretty in this drama so the visuals are great, and puts me in a good mood while I watch. However, the random OST being played at almost every single scene is really stressful and I hope they stop doing that.

My Beautiful Bride drops to 3rd place because… no OTP after 10 episodes and he is still chasing his girlfriend and I guess they will keep doing that till the last episode. Don’t misunderstand though – it’s still an awesome drama, and there is a loveline – but I just want a little more than just people chasing people for every single episode. It gets a little tiring, though like I said, still awesome.

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2 thoughts on “July 24th: LeeJIN’s Current Drama Ranking

  1. One of the things I like about I Remember You is how the cases tie into our leads. Take this week’s case. The serial killer case wasn’t terribly complex, but the ways it resonates with Hyun and Min make it interesting.

    1. true. when the crimes somehow have something connected to min, it’s interesting. i honestly think i’m expecting too much on the crime portion – after all, this wasn’t even a drama with crime as a genre xDD

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