[SERIES REVIEW] My Beautiful Bride



It’s goodbye to yet another drama, this time, My Beautiful Bride.

I liked it overall, though I find it a bit too long at 16 episodes, when there wasn’t much plot development to justify the number of episodes. I jumped into this drama, without thinking much about the story and not really expecting anything, so I was caught by surprised at the first two episodes.

It was good, the action scenes and suspense very solid – just like Heartless City (both are written by the same writer). When I read about the bride disappearing, I thought she would like literally disappear and we wouldn’t see much of her in the drama, but she appeared probably more often than Lee Si Young.

That’s probably my only dissatisfaction about the drama – the female lead.

From what I know Lee Si Young is the female lead – but the story didn’t give a chance for Lee Si Young to shine, which made me quite upset. Her character, Cha Yoon Mi was pretty solid, but I’m upset over the fact that she couldn’t do more in that 16 episodes.

Instead of giving her character more development and more scenes, we had more scenes of Go Sung Hee as Yoon Joo Young. It’s not that I don’t like Go Sung Hee or anything like that – but I actually found the character Joo Young quite frustrating throughout the series.

This was the exact same issue I felt Heartless City had. Seems like the writer can write awesome male characters but is a little weak in writing and developing the female characters. He also tends to focus on one or two main characters, and have a lot of minor characters.

I felt that the drama itself could have been so much better if there wasn’t so many side characters, and if the main characters all have equal amount of development.

But anyway – putting my own personal opinion aside, I do find the series entertaining and nice to watch, though I still think 16 episodes is too long, given that the plot is the same throughout. It’s still worth a watch – especially so when Kim Moo Yul does an awesome job in portraying Kim Do Hyung aka Banker Ahjusshi.

The writer does a good job in making the nicknames stick. For Heartless City, it was Doctor’s Son, and here it’s Banker Ahjusshi. I can’t wait for his next work, hopefully with stronger female leads.

Oh and yes Lee Si Young still did a great job and I want to see her in another project soon because this wasn’t enough for me.


I love that smile on him. It’s so hard to see him smile in the whole 16 episodes but that last moment was precious. His undying love for Joo Young was great, but a little unrealistic in how he was trying to do everything she wants – because I still can’t understand how is that supposed to be a good thing?

He pretends not to know her and all that – because that’s what she wants – but hasn’t he thought about what she would feel, dating him while trying to hide her identity? I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that at all if I was Joo Young – and she probably wasn’t either.

It would have been so much easier if he had just been honest and upfront about it – and win her heart by convincing her that it doesn’t matter what she does, or what her past is, but he still loves her – rather than whatever he did.

But anyway, I love that happy ending – because if he had spent 16 episodes chasing her and it wasn’t a happy ending, I would have flipped.

So overall, a good watch – and hoping to see another work from the writer again, and Kim Moo Yul needs to do more dramas 🙂

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4 thoughts on “[SERIES REVIEW] My Beautiful Bride

  1. I actually could stomach Do-hyung’s insistence on meeting Joo-young the first time 3 years ago much better than Joo-young’s persistence in keeping him in the dark about her whereabouts and running away from him whenever he does find her. His rationale is clear and understandable — she hated her poor life and once confided in him about wanting to go somewhere nobody knows her and later on determined to change until he can longer recognize her; plus, she looked relieved when he said he didn’t know her — he loves her too much to lose her again, while i still cannot understand why she does that to him even after knowing that he knows about her past and looks for her still, turning hell upside down in the process.

    Her character frustrated me so much that i stopped wishing for a happy ending somewhere along the way. But of course it’s nice to see it end happily, if only for that broadest grin ever 😉

    Lee Shi-young is so wasted here, which is sad given i had high expectations of her tough female cop character at the start.

    And yup, 16 episodes is definitely too long since the plot went nowhere for probably half the series. I wonder why they didn’t stick to the usual 10~12 episodes like other OCN dramas…

    1. ikr! they should have kept it short, and lee si young was soooo wasted on it 😦 i agree with joo young’s character constantly running away and frustrating the hell out of me xDD

      1. They should have! Making it 16 eps long only prolonging the separation angst, and in turn Do-hyung’s suffering =(

        I was so mad at Joo-young that i was mad it wasn’t she who’s stabbed by Tae-gyu. It would be satisfying to see her suffer a bit *evil* although Do-hyung would certainly flip out at that lol.

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