POV DISCUSSION: She Was Pretty Episode 1 – 4


It’s finally here! I know this post took ages, but I wanted to wait till I’ve watched the first four episodes before writing up a post because sometimes the first two episodes is just not enough.

Anyway, the much anticipated drama, She Was Pretty has aired and I absolutely love it. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect – but the characters are intriguing and interesting enough to make the drama stand out. I’m actually a little surprised by how Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon’s chemistry in this drama is totally different from their previous drama together, but that is a good thing.

It’s so amazing that they shed their previous Oh Ri Jin and Oh Ri On image so fast – but then again, they’re professionals 🙂


I love the characters in this drama. All the four main characters are amazing in their own ways – and I’m happy that they all have their own story to tell. As of now, there’s nothing much of a mystery on Kim Hye Jin’s backstory – but that’s okay.


Its hard to pick which character intrigues me at the moment – but if I had to choose, it would be Kim Shin Hyuk. First of all he is the hidden chaebol. Secondly, he jokes around, hiding his real self. Why?

I could totally understand why he hides his identity – but why would he joke around all the time but hides his true self. What is his real intention? Is it simply to ‘live a normal life’? Or is there a hidden agenda? Why is he staying at a suite instead of a house?


One thing for sure is that he’s observant. He might be playful, but it seems that he pay attention to close details – just that maybe we won’t see his other side until much later in the drama.


Min Ha Ri is ❤

I love her friendship with Hye Jin – and more importantly I love her character as a person. Unlike the many second female leads who are ‘evil’ or scheming – I love the fact that Ha Ri and Hye Jin are really good friends. When Ha Ri stood up for Hye Jin during her birthday, I knew that I would love her character.

vlcsnap-2015-09-28-10h27m58s844Ha Ri has her shares of trouble and pain – and I’m pretty sure Hye Jin is aware of her family situation since they’re friends since young – but I would like to see Hye Jin being there for her at times like this too. I mean – I’m sure they’ve had moments like this too – but I just want to see it – because Ha Ri was there when Hye Rin needed to vent about Sung Joon.


It’s no wonder why she would fall for Sung Joon. I’m sure she didn’t expected it – she was doing Hye Jin a favor and was always thinking of Hye Jin – but HOW COULD SHE RESIST THIS???

Anyway putting those aside, I wonder how long would Sung Joon take to realize that the Hye Jin he knows is actually the one working with him? Actually I wouldn’t mind if it took longer – if it means that Sung Joon would fall for Hye Jin as Hye Jin – not as Hye Jin his first love.

I’m not really a fan of all these first loves getting back together – because logically a lot of time has passed and people would have grown and changed over the years. Basically, people change. So the idea of first loves coming back and everything falls into place doesn’t really go well with me.

I would rather prefer Sung Joon falls for Hye Jin – without knowing she is the Hye Jin he initially knew when he was young. He can find out about it later – but the important part is to fall for Hye Jin as Hye Jin.

Anyway – my favorite scene so far is …….


I don’t know but I just find this scene beautiful. The way Hye Jin looks at his back and vice versa.

It must be tough to be in Hye Jin shoes – because we all know how excited she was to be able to meet her first love Sung Joon – but he didn’t even recognize her at the start and it broke her heart. She probably feels terrible around him and unable to reveal herself. What makes it worse is that he is so harsh towards her – though we can’t really blame him for that since he’s like that to everyone except for Ha Ri.

Talking about that – I wonder what is wrong with Sung Joon. Like Hye Jin said, we didn’t really see him eating and he is always just drinking coffee. When he reads, he doesn’t pay attention to anything around him – he drinks water from a vase instead of his coffee, bangs into doors and etc. I hope drama is not going to turn it into some form of health issue.

But maybe it might be a psychological problem? Was he bullied when he was overseas? He was chubby when he was younger – so maybe he suffered when he was overseas which caused him to drastically change his diet? And maybe he reads all the time to shut off what people say about him behind his back? That’s why when he concentrates, he can’t hear anything?

The only thing which could get his attention immediately is his memory of Hye Jin – like for example the traffic light scene when he heard Hye Jin’s “It’s a Go!”. He immediately looked up from what he was reading.


Putting that aside, how will Shin Hyuk complicate things in future? We hear Hye Jin’s voiceover that none of them expected ‘his existence’ to further complicate things. I’m actually very excited for this and I wonder what is going to happen.

Okay – that’s about it for the discussion.

I think all the casts are doing a great job in their roles – and I love the fact that Siwon took this role. I loved him in King of Dramas and always felt that he suits the comedy roles rather than action ones and its so nice to see him shine in this. The biggest challenge for him is probably to express the darker side of his character or okay, maybe not darker side, but his real self.

I always find him a little awkward in serious scenes – I don’t know why. Might just be me.

But anyway his performance is so far brilliant and I hope he outshines his previous role in King Of Dramas.

Overall the drama has a nice feel – though it moves from one extreme to the other so fast, I get confused at times. But not a bad thing. I mean like…


Not a bad thing at all to crack us up from time to time.

Okay – that’s it!! How could they not show us preview for the next episode? That was so cruel. Anyway, excited for the upcoming episodes and hopefully it only gets better and better till the end ❤

Oh on a side note – this drama reminds me of a Hindi Film, Mujhse Dosti Karoge. The setting is similar but of course the story is not the same. If you’re curious the film, it was about 3 childhood friends, where the guy likes the prettier girl and the other girl likes the guy. The guy then migrates overseas and exchanged emails whom he thought was the prettier girl – but in fact was the other girl.

Over the years, he fell in love with the girl he was exchanging letters with and was confident he could recognize her at first sight – but sadly at the train station, he didn’t recognize her and went to the prettier girl instead. Only after spending some time with the prettier girl, he realized that it’s not the same person he knew and he later finds out that the one who was writing all those emails was the other girl.

Well – that’s the Hindi film. Similar heh?

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