POV DISCUSSION: My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol Episode 1 – 8


I’ve been wanting to watch this, but because the first few episodes was the backstory and childhood portion, I waited till now before watching it.

Honestly, the drama is really dramatic. We have so many children, complicating twists and turns and even the classic identity swap. However, I’ve got to admit, it’s addictive.

I’m just going to do a short discussion on the episodes so far – basically discussing about the backstory and the childhood portion and also my thoughts regarding the drama itself.


The first 8 episodes of the drama was a crazy ride. There were so many conspiracies and so many characters who are just not in their right state of mind.

First let’s talk about the adults. Kang Man Hoo and Oh Min Ho are competitors and both liked Deuk Ye, the daughter of Shin Ji Sang who is the owner of the construction company. Ji Sang favored Min Ho and wanted him to marry Deuk Ye but Man Hoo framed Min Ho and ended up marrying Deuk Ye.

Years later, Deuk Ye’s mom died in a fire and her father, Ji Sang disappeared.

Okay – first question – is Ji Sang still alive? Or if he isn’t – who is the one who ‘killed’ him?

We all saw how Man Hoo accidentally made Ji Sang fall from the cliff – but we also know that Joo Gi Hwang mentioned Oh Min Ho as an evil man. There was also a flashback (i think?) that Ji Sang was not dead from the fall but still breathing.

Whatever it is – his body wasn’t found, wasn’t it? It disappeared. What if he never died and managed to stay alive and will come back one day and tell what really happened?

Anyway – we know that Man Hoo is evil, but it also seems that Min Ho isn’t that innocent himself.

Now let’s talk about the kids.

So Kook Ja, the grandmother switched Hae Sung and Sa Wol – which caused Deuk Ye to think that Hye Sung is her child where as the orphanage director thinks that Sa Wol is his daughter.

When Min Ho decides to adopt Hae Sung, the director finds out that she is his real daughter where as Sa Wol is Min Ho’s daughter.

Hae Sung who found out about this wasn’t happy and locked the director, and her friend Oh Wol while the building was collapsing.


Honestly I don’t understand how can an 8 year old be so scheming and evil. She even knows what is a DNA report and can read it! She doesn’t even feel guilty or sad when her own dad died. I mean she cried, but that was just for that one moment only.

And the director was so nice and caring, I’m really sad to see his character go 😦 It would have been nice if he had taken in Sa Wol instead. Okay I guess that would be a different sort of makjang already.

vlcsnap-2015-10-05-08h58m42s588vlcsnap-2015-10-05-08h58m40s623I love Wol! Sa Wol grows up and has a trauma when people hold/grabs her hand – reminding her of when Wol fell.

vlcsnap-2015-10-05-08h59m22s617vlcsnap-2015-10-05-08h59m18s653So anyway, Hye Sung helped Man Hoo to frame the orphanage director, and also tells everyone that Sa Wol is the director’s real daughter.

But anyway in a twist of fate, Sa Wol gets adopted too, along with Hye Sung and Hye Sung is still as evil as ever.

Okay – my reaction watching the childhood portion was disbelief and taken aback. The storyline was good in a way. It was full of impact and addictive. But honestly, it was too exaggerating. I mean how much can a child do??? Hye Sang was too intelligent and scheming for her age and that was very unrealistic. But since it’s a drama so let’s just close one eye.

Putting that aside, we really have to give it to the child actress who played Hye Sang. Anyone who knows her name, please let me know! How can dramawiki and asianwiki not have her name. She was outstanding, and was really good in portraying the role!

Oh one more thing. Does anyone remember Joo Se Hoon? That young kid who witness Man Hoo stealing the pinewood before framing Min Ho?

What was his age then? I mean whatever his age then, logically he’s going to be about 8-10 years older than the main casts, correct? Because the main casts weren’t even born yet during that time. Not to mention that Min Ho went missing for a year (i think?) before coming back.

I hope the writer doesn’t forget this part though.


Okay that’s about it. Anyway after 8 episodes, we finally have the adult casts and I’m excited because I love the adult casts ❤

So basically, I find that the first 8 episodes were definitely excessive but it’s addictive and not really appalling so it’s okay for now. However lets just remind ourselves that the grandmother who switched the babies knows that she swap the real daughter with the daughter of the orphanage director.

So basically, it wouldn’t take too long for her to find out Sa Wol is the real daughter if she ever comes across Sa Wol and finds out she is the orphanage director ‘real’ daughter.

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