Wow. A new gem, maybe?

Honestly, I was not even planning to watch Sassy Go Go (or Cheer Up) as I’m not a huge fan of Eunji (nothing personal, just emm, preference?) But there is Ji Soo and Chae Soo Bin so I could not just push it away without at least watching one episode. So after finishing the first episode, I enjoyed myself, more than I thought I would and now I can’t wait for more 🙂

I don’t really remember Lee Won Geun from his previous works – but after watching the first two episodes, he’s not bad. He’s actually pretty charming. Ji Soo is still handsome as always ❤

So overall, I find the first two episodes pretty good and the characters seems solid – I love how there seems to be plenty of depth to them. It makes a lot of difference and I can’t wait to see the different characters story. In short – I’m sold.

We totally know what to expect in future episodes – more bromance, friendships, and living life like a proper teen. But the unique factor is cheerleading! They’re really going to do it right? With the stunts and all? I’m totally excited for it so I hope the drama doesn’t disappoint!

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3 thoughts on “FIRST IMPRESSION: Sassy Go Go

  1. Omggg you don’t understand how much I’m into this show and its only been 2 episodes so far O_o I love everything about it from the cheesiness to the fast-pace that it is going at and I totally love allll the characters! Its been around a few weeks since I’ve invested myself into a show cause of school and everything but I am definitely going to stick to this!!!

    1. I agree!!! It’s been a while since I’m 100% sold just on the first two episodes but this did it! It was so fun!

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