Short Updates

Hi guys, I know I’ve been away for so long. Decided to just drop by to give an update on the dramas which I am currently watching, as well as those which I have yet to keep up with.

I’ve been watching a lot of Chinese series lately because suddenly all the dramas are getting interesting, which is amazing. I recently wrapped up Nirvana In Fire which is awesome by the way, and once I get some free time I will do a review on it.

Anyway, I’ve not been keeping up with Bubblegum, Merchant Gaekju, The Village and D-DAY because I simply don’t have time 😦 😦 But below are the dramas I’m enjoying right now, the first one being the most loved ❤

1 – Answer Me 1988
2 – Marry Me Or Not
3 – Love Me If You Dare
4 – Six Flying Dragons
5 – The Disguiser
6 – Oh My Venus

I really didn’t want to watch Answer Me 1988 at all after 1994, but after the longest time procrastinating, I actually started watching it a few days ago and actually marathon it in 2 days.

The first 40 minutes was a little bit boring – but after that the drama is really nice to watch and it’s so much better compared to 1994 🙂

I’ll probably try to find some time to write up a post on it!

Taiwan dramas, Marry Me Or Not & Love Me If You Dare has also blown me away. I love it so much ❤ I’ve only started on The Disguiser recently so a long way to go still.

Oh My Venus started off cute. It wasn’t anything grand – but it was cute in a way. However, after watching a few episodes, it starts to get really boring because the characters are not interesting and the plot is too weak.

Not trying to imply anything, but personally, I feel that the plot and script is mediocre. Every time the character speaks to each other, there doesn’t seem to be anything interesting – it feels like just empty talk between characters and that is just not my kind of thing.

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