POV Discussion: Six Flying Dragons, The Turning Point.


And we’ve reached the turning point in Six Flying Dragons! Well, I think?

It’s usually a habit of mine to actually read up a little before watching historical dramas, because I like to know what is bound to happen – so this post will contain spoilers and you should stay away if you do not want to read spoilers.

I know I have not been updating at all for the longest time ever, and most likely I won’t have much time in future either 😦 But from time to time, I will try to make some effort to put aside some time to at least write up a short form of discussion.

Without further ado~~


Yi Bang Won finally knows the system Sambong is creating for the new country does not have a place for him. He cannot participate in politics, and the royal family will not hold absolute power.

We know that further down the road, Yi Bang Won ends up killing Sambong, but that is after his father is made king and when the successor of the throne was being discussed.

As to how far Six Flying Dragons plan to execute the drama, I have no idea and I’m curious myself. Will the drama end once Yi Seong Gye gets the throne?


Or will it end after Sambong is killed and Yi Bang Won becomes king?

32 episodes have passed, and the episode total count seems to be 50  – so we’re left with only 18 episodes before the last episode. I’m not sure if 18 episodes is enough to tie up loose ends and end the drama after Yi Bang Won becomes king.

The drama is actually still doing well, which is a great thing – and I want it to remain this way till the very last episode.

It was honestly very interesting and I feel like we’ve gotten so far to reach this stage – where Bang Won finally realizes his own desire for power.

I love how the drama portray each character so well – the characters are so deep, there are lots of complicated emotions going on and we can’t blame any one character for their decisions.

Personally, I would love it if the drama ends with Bang Won taking over the throne – but I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t show the drama that far also (because I love sambong too much).

vlcsnap-2016-01-23-15h44m35s777I actually like this arc of development for Yi Bang Won. His character arc is actually the most interesting in the drama and I do hope we get to see it till the end.

Putting these aside, don’t you find history so interesting?

I’m actually amazed there were so many outstanding people in the past – with such strong personalities and characters.

vlcsnap-2016-01-23-15h46m57s319Whether it is Poeun’s undying loyalty to Goryeo….vlcsnap-2016-01-23-15h47m31s432Or Sambong’s ideologies…

They’re so amazing and interesting! Of course the other characters are just as interesting and amazing – but I am truly amazed at how Sambong thought of all of these and created Joseon’s structure. Truly an amazing person in history.

Okay – let’s shove this aside now.

Kim Myung Min is doing such an amazing portrayal of Sambong and so is Yoo Ah In as Yi Bang Won. Yoo Ah In kind of lost a lot of points with me since Fashion King but I’m glad to have him back. A good script and story makes a lot of difference.

Now if only the story goes all the way till the end and we get to see both of them fighting it out… that will be so awesome :’)

And of course – all the other actors are all great and amazing. I have no complains about the casts or the story so far ❤

So that’s about it! 18 more episodes to sit through, let’s hope for the best!!!

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