If you still haven’t heard of the drama, or is still considering, GO AND WATCH IT NOW. Signal is my new addiction. It’s slick, interesting and keep me on my toes each time.

I love the whole concept, though it took me about 2 to 3 episodes to understand it. Initially I was confused as to how is this supposed to make sense – because the serial murders, as of now, it is still unsolved – but the drama solved it.

Then I got it – that’s the whole concept. Communication between the past and the present – and a human’s desire to change things to what they think is right, but is that really the right decision? Or is leaving the past as past a better decision?

Sometimes people always ask us this question, if you were given a chance to change something in your past, would you?

But as we watch, we know that changing the past will change the future – and no one can say for sure it will be for the better or for worse.

But here comes the tricky part – they have changed part of the past, and managed to catch the culprits – but will it stay this way? Or will it change again?

What if towards the end, he has a choice? To return things to how it was from the very beginning? To leave the culprits at large, in exchange for the lives who should not have died?

I don’t know how the drama is going to end and of course that’s what keeping me on my toes. That’s the whole point. This excitement and thrill. AHAHAHA.

I’m pretty sure the ending case will be finding Lee Jae Han – or maybe his body will be found and they will start investigating.

But anyway – main point is – this drama is not to be missed! It’s really good and addictive, and I love the characters ❤  I wonder when will Cha Soo Hyun find out about the transmission?

Things will get a lot more interesting once she finds out Park Hae Young is communicating with Lee Jae Han, whom she has been searching for.

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